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Italian Physicist Francesco Calogero ~ Energy Tips from 401(e) ~ Tom Isern: “Mad Stones”

posted on 11/13/2013

  Wednesday, November 13 – Italian physicist Francesco Calogero is speaking tonight and tomorrow at Concordia College in events open to the public. He was the secretary general of the Pugwash conferences on science and world affairs, and in that role accepted, on behalf of Pugwash, the 1995 Nobel Peace Prize awarded jointly to Joseph Rotblat and to Pugwash. ~~~ Here to answer common energy-saving questions are Jason Schaefer and Chris Loveless of 401(e) Energy Services in Grand Forks. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk essay, “Mad Dogs and Mad Stones.” ~~~ As the population across rural America continues to age, there’s a major shift in farm and ranch land ownership underway. John Michaelson has the story. ~~~ Another story that caught our eye today on Morning Edition involves one of several alternative sites for getting health insurance estimates under the Affordable Care Act. It’s called


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