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“Reading the Mind from the Body” ~ Germans from Russia in South America ~ Red Cloud Remembered

posted on 11/18/2013

  Monday, November 18 – Through gesture, posture, and other forms of body language, we communicate a wide range of social signals to the people around us. “Reading the Mind from the Body” is the title of the next Science Café, taking place Tuesday at 7 at Stokers Basement in the Hotel Donaldson in Fargo. Joining us is Benjamin Balas, assistant professor in the Department of Psychology at NDSU. ~~~ Prairie Public is working on a fascinating documentary that looks at the branch of Germans From Russia emigrants who chose South America instead of the United States. Joining us to discuss their recent trip to Argentina are Bob Dambach, Prairie Public director of television, and Michael Miller, director & bibliographer for the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection at the libraries of North Dakota State University.

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