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Science Cafe Preview: “Nostalgia” ~ Fracking and Health ~ Bitcoin ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

posted on 12/09/2013

  Monday, December 9 – For centuries nostalgia was viewed as a neurological or psychological disease. These days, it’s viewed as psychological resource that helps people cope with life stresses. It’s the topic of this month’s Science Café with Dr. Clay Routledge, who will share some of the exciting new studies about nostalgia. ~~~ Thousands of wells have been drilled in North Dakota and other parts of the country, made possible by fracking technology. But there are questions about safety. Pennsylvania is one of the states seeing increased drilling, and as Reid Frazier reports, doctors and scientists there are scrambling for answers. ~~~ Could Bitcoin destroy the dollar? Is it a scam? Here to discuss this mysterious cyber security is finance expert Louis Navellier. ~~~ Horticulturist Ron Smith is here to answer recent questions that have come our way, turning our attention to indoor plants now that the growing season is behind us.

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