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Sibling Search Ends ~ Minot Voices of Pride ~ Crowdsourcing Aids Disaster Relief ~ Chef Rosie on Ham

posted on 12/12/2013

  Wednesday, December 11 – Bismarck resident Jerry Roberts has been searching for his siblings for 35 years. Well, that search has now come to an end. ~~~ Minot Voices of Pride is a LGBT Allied chorus, and they’re getting ready to do their second show ever this weekend. Joining us is Travis Halleman. ~~~ New crowd-sourcing technologies are bringing humanitarian relief work to anyone with an internet connection. Dale Kunce, senior geospatial engineer at the American Red Cross visits with John Hockenberry of The Takeaway. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “Stop the Game” ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Square One Kitchens stops by to talk Christmas Hams. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.

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