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Helping Ranchers Clobbered by Atlas ~ News Chat ~ Movie Reviews

posted on 12/13/2013

  Friday, December 13 – To help ranchers hard-hit by October blizzard “Atlas,” a relief fund has been established by the North Dakota Stockmen’s Foundation. Here to tell us about it is Jason Zahn, foundation president. ~~~ Medicaid expansion starts January 1 in North Dakota, providing help for an estimated 30,000 people. We have a report from John Michaelson, Prairie News Service. ~~~ And from “The Takeaway” an interview about an incentive to buy healthy food for SNAP recipients. ~~~ A debut essay from writer Beth Diane Bradley. “The Art of Humility.” Beth’s blog is at” ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here for his weekly chat about the recent headlines in the news. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Dallas Buyers Club” and “The Book Thief.”

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