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Diet and Chronic Disease ~ Documentary: “Welcome to Leith”

posted on 06/04/2014

  Wednesday, June 4 A public forum on how value-added traditional and new specialty food crops can be used to counter and manage diet-linked chronic diseases and associated global public health-related issues will soon be held in Fargo. Joining us to discuss this interesting topic is Drs. Kalidas Shetty and Dipayan Sarkar from the Plant Sciences Department at NDSU. ~~~ “Welcome to Leith” is a feature film offering a glimpse into the North Dakota town’s struggles after a white supremacist comes to town. The film is being funded in part by crowd-sourcing. We visit with filmmaker Mike Nichols. ~~~ Speaking of films, John Hanson reflects on the making of “Northern Lights,” the story of the Non-Partisan League of North Dakota. It’s a piece produced by the television service of Prairie Public, airing as part of the Prairie Pulse and Prairie Mosaic TV shows. ~~~ In today’s Natural North Dakota essay, Chuck Lura discusses garter snakes.


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