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Williston Area Oral History Project ~ News Chat ~ Review: “Belle”

posted on 06/06/2014

  Friday, June 6 – The public is being invited to participate in the “Williston Area Oral History Project.” It’s an undertaking of the State Historical Society of North Dakota in partnership with a research team from the University of Minnesota. We visit with Bruce Braun of the U of M research team, who’s in Williston today. ~~~ As soon as the Obama administration unveiled new rules this week regulating carbon emissions from the power sector, people started calling winners and losers. Coal was immediately billed as a loser, while natural gas and renewables were hailed as the big winners. But the reality is more complicated, as Wyoming Public Radio’s Stephanie Joyce reports. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson stops by to discuss the latest headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews the new movie “Belle.”


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