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The “Realities of Retirement” from AARP ~ USDA’s Jasper Schneider ~ Chef Rosie on Fennel

posted on 06/12/2014

  Thursday, June 12 – How close to retirement are you? Here to discuss the “Realities of Retirement” is Joan Ruff, a member of the AARP Board of Directors who is the keynote speaker at a retirement planning summit being held in Fargo tomorrow. Also joining us is Janis Cheney, ND state director of the AARP. ~~~ USDA rural development state director, Jasper Schneider, visits with Matt Olien in this excerpt of Friday’s Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ An essay from Beth Diane Bradley, “There’s Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby.” ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl joins us for a discussion of fennel. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have our What’s Happening calendar of events.


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