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Banding the Fargo Falcon Chicks ~ Poet Madelyne Camrud ~ New York Kammermusiker ~ Oil Rig Setbacks

posted on 06/17/2014

  Tuesday, June 17 – Three Falcon chicks were born over Memorial Day weekend in their roost high upon the Bank of the West building in Fargo. Ashley Thornberg stopped in at today’s public banding event. The bands help track the movements and habits of the individual birds once they leave the nest. ~~~ In this week’s Prairie Pulse television show, host John Harris visits with Grand Forks poet Madelyne Camrud about her book “Oddly Beautiful.” ~~~ The New York Kammermusiker 8th Annual North Dakota Music Festival will feature a special celebration for the anniversary of statehood. The wind ensemble will be appearing in Fargo, Grand Forks, and Ellendale. Joining us is the director founder Ilona Pederson. ~~~ In addition to the Bakken region, some other formations in the country are also drawing interest from oil companies. And that means more activity and increasing conflict when drilling nears populated areas. Stephanie Joyce reports for Inside Energy from Wyoming, where they’re facing similar issues to what’s being seen in North Dakota.


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