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Denise Lajimodiere on Birch Bark Biting ~ ND Coal Company Tour ~ “Pardon The Disruption”

posted on 06/23/2014

  Monday, June 23 – Denise Lajimodiere is an enrolled citizen of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa, a jingle dress dancer, a poet, and an assistant professor of education at NDSU. She joins us to share some poetry and tell us about an old Anishinabe art form called birch bark biting. ~~~ An educational coal tour is the topic of today’s Inside Energy report. Also joining us is our new Inside Energy reporter for North Dakota, Emily Guerin. ~~~ A controversial new book looks at the downside of advances in technology. Joining us Clayton Rawlings, co-author of “Pardon the Disruption,” The future you never saw coming.”

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