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“Coal and the Modern Age” ~ Drone Safety ~ Movie Review: “Chef” ~ Chef Rosie on Huitlacoche

posted on 06/25/2014

  Wednesday, June 25 – Bob Dambach, Prairie Public’s director of television, is just back from Britain, a trip involving a new documentary, “Coal and the Modern Age.” ~~~ A story from yesterday’s All Things Considered that bears repeating: Audie Cornish interviewing journalist Craig Whitlock on what he learned in the course of reporting on the safety record of drones in a new series for The Washington Post. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk essay, “Steppe by Steppe.”~~~ Matt Olien reviews the new movie “Chef.” ~~~ Mexican truffles, corn truffles, corn smut, devil’s corn – it goes by a lot of names, but you might want to try it. Chef Tim Rosendahl stops by to discuss huitlacoche. ~~~ Doug and Ashley have “What’s Happening” this weekend.


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