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Culinary Archaeology ~ State Climatologist Adnan Akyuz ~ Williston Mayor Howard Klug on Hedderich Fire

posted on 07/11/2017

  Tuesday, July 11 – Daniel Serra is a culinary archaeologist from Sweden. He gives lectures on food from medieval times and the Viking Era. Ashley Thornberg visited with him at the Heritage Hjemkomst Center. ~~~ Many rural parts of the U-S don’t have enough doctors to keep residents healthy, and a growing number of smaller medical schools are now opening outside of cities with hopes of addressing the problem. But students graduating from many of these schools won’t be M-Ds…they’ll be D-Os… doctors of osteopathic medicine. For Harvest Public Media, Alex Smith reports on this alternative branch of medicine that’s going mainstream in rural America. ~~~ The USDA has opened CRP lands for haying as dry weather persists across North Dakota. Here to discuss the drought situation is state climatologist Adnan Akyuz. ~~~ Mayor Howard Klug of Williston joins us for a discussion of the downtown fire that has claimed a landmark in the town, the old Hedderich building.

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