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Dr. Fadel Nammour on ND Healthcare Issues ~ Nateshow Ulow, Muslim Feminist

posted on 08/09/2017

  Wednesday, August 9 – Dr. Fadel Nammour is the vice president of the North Dakota Medical Association. He joins us to discuss some of the many issues facing health care in the state. Have the attempts to limit immigration hurt recruitment of medical professionals and students? What about insurance system uncertainty, or the possibility of Medicaid cuts? And there’s the high cost of care, yet Americans seem less healthy than ever. Is there a way to restore marketplace competition for the healthcare system? ~~~ In her journey to create a more inclusive environment, Natesho Ulow has brought attention to uncomfortable issues, and considers herself a Muslim feminist. Nastesho, who will start her senior year at West Fargo High School in the fall, spoke at TEDx in Fargo where she was warmly received. This impressive young woman joins us in-studio to elaborate upon her remarks. ~~~ In the 3rd story about North Dakota produced for “The World” by reporter Jason Margolis examines the importance of foreign trade for the state.

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