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The Germans from Russia Dakota Memories Oral History Project (DMOHP), a project of North Dakota State University’s Heritage Collection at the North Dakota State University Libraries, preserves the history and heritage of second- and third-generation Germans from Russia. Since the project’s 2005 inception, organizers have focused on childhood memories and family relationships. The oral histories have been preserved on audio CDs, broadcast on Prairie Public’s radio network, and are available for purchase.

*Home Grown: German Russian Farm Kids Remember
features narrators who grew up on the Northern Plains, from South Dakota to North Dakota to Saskatchewan. During their oral histories, they share memories of growing up in an agricultural region. This program features fascinating stories about farm machinery, techniques, and animals. Furthermore, agricultural historian Suzzanne Kelley has added scholarly commentary, placing this ethnic group’s agricultural practices in the larger historical framework.

*Red, White, & Blue: German Russians Remember Independence Day features narrators who share memories of community celebrations and gatherings—the firecrackers, foot races, togetherness, and much more.

*Voices from the Heartland features 29 narrations from German Russians—including “digging a deep well,” “divine intervention in the football pool,” “I married the guy,” and “dating in the ’40s.”

*A Holiday Special: German-Russian Childhood Memories features stories of German-Russian winter holiday traditions—memories of the Belznickel, Krist Kindel, Santa Claus, wax candle lights, midnight mass, and more.

Growing Up German-Russian: A Radio Series parts I and II features narrations from German-Russians—including “eating ergot kernels,” “a little colt,” “life on the prairie,” “Ellis Island,” and more.

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