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Radio pieces produced by Erika Lorentzsen, who works with Prairie Public as an independent producer.


Romit Devkota came to the US from Nepal to form a rock band. He had some difficulties adjusting and had a hard time opening up to people here. He said the irony of coming to the US is that he became a Buddhist, when most people go to Nepal to become Buddhist. Listen online now.

Ermina Jelovac from Bosnia exposes the almost overnight change in her neighbors during the war. Now, for the past 16 years, she’s lived in a relatively peaceful community in Fargo, ND — and recounts the tale. Listen online now.

Margreat Sam


Margreat Sam, originally from Mumbai, India, teaches Indian dance at the Spirit Room in the FM area. She studied with a famous gold medalist dancer in Mumbai from Bollywood movies. She encourages the appreciation of all kinds of culture and after her initial adjustment to the states is beginning to get students again. Still, not to the numbers she had in India. The story from Erika Lorentzsen.




Ahmad Younis is a restaurant owner who says it’s his freedom to be his own boss. He opened Aladdin in Fargo in 1994 with his brother, after having moved to Fargo from the Middle East. The story from Erika Lorentzsen.


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