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Painter Zhimin Guan says his native China and his current country, America, put him at a crossroads artistically. He says he can get more done here than in a big city like Shanghai or Beijing.  Living between two worlds, Guan says helps him to appreciate the benefits of both. His exhibit “Summit Series” is open until July 7th, , 2013,at Ecce Gallery in Fargo.   Hear the story with a slide show.


Global Relationship:  Irene, a Filipina woman, says her marriage to Charles is more than a mail order arrangement. They met online on a Christian singles dating site, and have built lives for themselves and their daughters, Vashti and Ona, in North Dakota. See a slide show and hear their story.



Cardinal Glass Employs Immigrants:
Each One Has a Story

Air Date: 3/19/2013 Every immigrant has a story. Although painful, Hassan remembers his past all too well. This is the first in Prairie Public’s radio series “New American Stories.”

More Stories

Dating Through the Eyes of an Immigrant, Part 1
Air Date: 3/26/2013 Dating rituals vary from culture to country. Whether it be meeting through friends, family, or yelling up to someone’s apartment to get them to come down for a date. As Erika Lorentzsen reports, people of all cultures experience the beginning of relationships in different ways.


Learning to Date All Over Again, Part 2
Air Date: 4/02/2013 Generations and cultures experience dating in new ways—from arranged marriage to living with more choice, especially in America. Muslims, Hindus and Latinos, enjoy some things about dating in America, but not everything.


US Marriage and Divorce Clash with Values of Other Cultures, Part 3
Air Date: 4/09/2013 At 50 percent, the United States has the highest rate of divorce in the world. As immigrants adjust to new life in America, they must also adapt to how marriage is viewed here verses back home. Some may hold onto ancestral traditions.


How Nice is Nice?
Air Date: 4/16/2013 Among different cultures, definitions of what is a “nice” way to behave can really vary. Most people in North Dakota would say they are “nice” without a second thought. But “North Dakota nice” may not translate to the culture of a New American.






Misunderstandings and Jokes: An Immigrant Struggles with Humor
Air Date: 4/23/2013 Communicating in English, when it’s not the mother tongue, can lead to misunderstandings. A person’s innate sense of humor may get suppressed when one learns a new language. Overcoming stereotypes can also be difficult with the language barrier.

Immigrants Look for Hindu Place for Worship and Weddings Air Date: 4/30/2013  Go here to see the home video from the wedding! Weddings have different rituals, from breaking glass to receiving a necklace, depending on the culture. Here’s a day at a Bhutanese wedding in Fargo. Even though the Bhutanese did not have a place of worship, they made do with what they had. The bride’s hands were done in Henna by a local Somali woman. People came together to celebrate.

Immigrants Fitting In Socially Air Date: 5/07/2013 An immigrant adjusting to new life in a new country has many challenges, including how the community accepts them. Immigrants may feel they are on the outside.






Starting Over: A Refugee’s Journey to the US Air Date: 5/14/2013 For a refugee, any place away from their camp is a welcome change of scenery. One woman is thankful that that life is behind her.



Nepal native adjusting to life in the US Air Date: 8/28/2012 Romit Devkota came to the United States from Nepalto to form a rock band. He had some difficulties adjusting and had a hard time opening up to people here. He said the irony of coming to the U.S. is that he became a Buddhist, when most people go to Nepal to become Buddhist.

Bosnia native recounts her experiences Air Date: 8/28/2012 Ermina Jelovac from Bosnia exposes the almost overnight change in her neighbors during the war. Now, for the past 16 years, she’s lived in a relatively peaceful community in Fargo, ND—and recounts the tale.

Fargo immigrant teaches dance Air Date: 7/12/2012 Margreat Sam, originally from Mumbai, India, teaches Indian dance at the Spirit Room in the Fargo-Moorhead area. She studied with a famous gold medalist dancer in Mumbai from Bollywood movies. She encourages the appreciation of all kinds of culture and after her initial adjustment to the states is beginning to get students again. Still, not the numbers she had in India.

Fargo restaurant owner ‘glad to be in US’ Air Date: 7/12/2012 Ahmad Younis is a restaurant owner who says it’s his freedom to be his own boss. He opened Aladdin in Fargo in 1994 with his brother, after having moved to Fargo from the Middle East.

Ethnic Food in Fargo
Aladdin (Middle Eastern)
Habib Cuisine (Somali Food)
Passage to India (Indian)
India Palace (Indian)
Wasabi (Asian)
Giant Panda (Asian)
China Garden (Asian)
Kobe’s (Asian)
Lotus Blossom
(Asian Grocery Store)

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