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Since 1989, Notas Latinas has been your connection to the vibrant rhythms of today’s newest Latino hits as well as yesterday’s favorites.  The playlist “rocks” with mariachi, norteño, pop, banda, tropical, Tejano, and grupero music.  Enrich your day with news, commentary, current affairs, profiles of outstanding Latinos, book reviews, interviews, and human interest stories.

Notas Latinas is meant to be enjoyed by Latino and non-Latino listeners alike, says host Abner Arauza. The music is in Spanish, but the talk is in English.

“I started [Notas Latinas] because it is a very strong interest of mine,” says Arauza, 20 years after launching the program. “I know the value of creating awareness and a certain amount of pride in your culture,  regardless of your ethnicity. This is one way to do it.”

Arauza moved to Moorhead permanently in 1988, shortly before he started producing Notas Latinas. He earned a Bachelor’s degree at MSUM in Mass Communication. Arauza grew in southern Texas, but he came to Clay County each summer with his family to work the sugar beet fields.

Previous discussion topics on the show included “the movement of Latinos away from their home religion,” says Arauza, to new denominations and away from religion entirely. An upcoming show will
focus on folk healing.

Arauza is Assistant Director of Intercultural Affairs at Concordia College in Moorhead. Previously, he worked in multicultural affairs at MSUM for 21 years.

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