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Plains Folk, a commentary devoted to life on the great plains of North America, is now a special weekly feature on Main Street. Written by Tom Isern of West Fargo, North Dakota, and read in newspapers across the region for years, Plains Folk venerates fall suppers and barn dances and reminds us that “more important to our thoughts than lines on a map are the essential characteristics of the region–the things that tell what the plains are, not just where they are.” You can hear Plains Folk once a week during Main Street, weekdays at 3 pm CT with a repeat at 7 pm CT.

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  • Marvels of the Coteau

    I spent the weekend on the Missouri Coteau, and there is so much to marvel upon.   For one thing, Angie the History Dog made her field debut, and it turns out she is a hunting dog after all. Now, I’m not going to drone on about my dog, as I have a tendency to […]

  • Wonderful Invention

    “The book is a wonderful invention,” says N. Scott Momaday, in his book of essays, The Man Made of Words. “What in the world is there that cannot, in some viable way, be contained within the pages of a book?”   These are feel-good quotations for book lovers, coming from a Pulitzer prize winner, but […]

  • Love Story

    Today’s column is a love story, in two parts. Both of them legendary.   The first part focuses on a woman hailed by historian Nina Farley Wishek as “the Heroine of the Prairie,” but whom I have always referred to as “the martyr mother of the German-Russians.” Wilhelmina “Minnie” Bauer Geiszler married her husband John […]

  • Eighteen Dead Cows

    One Wednesday night in April 1937 Gottlieb Grenz got to nursing a bottle and a grudge at the same time, and the results were not good. Drinking somewhere in the town of Temvik, in Emmons County, he encountered his brother-in-law, Henry Wills. The two got into a dispute, with Grenz accusing Wills of spreading a […]

  • That’s It!

    The social media contraption Facebook has this feature where now and then it brings up a photo from the past. This week the photo feature indicates that two years ago I was eating a huge hamburger at a café in Burdett, Kansas. The image of the burger is voluptuous, but I am not ashamed.   […]

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