Key Ingredients DVD

Most of us don’t give a second thought about the wealth of history and culture that shapes our dining habits and taste preferences. Our recipes, menus, ceremonies, and etiquette are directly shaped by our country’s rich immigrant experience, the history and innovations of food preparation technology, and the ever-changing availability of key ingredients.

“Key Ingredients” explores four aspects of our complex relationship with food: Entrepreneurial Spirit Many people prefer to eat foods grown by people they know and using local resources. Eating Implications If you are what you eat, does it also matter when, where, and with whom you eat? Seed Savers Who are the keepers of the seeds? And are older varieties of seeds important? Economic Efficiencies Do we sacrifice lifestyle and sense of community when we strive for efficiency in agriculture? Executive Producer: Bob Dambach Associate Producers: Sarah Smith Warren, Dean Hulse, and Dakota Goodhouse

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