Water: The Lifeblood of Energy DVD

Energy is inextricable linked to water. With the greater need for energy, the demand for water will continue to increase. How can we balance the need for water in energy with water for crops, households, and factories? How can we make do with the water we have? This 30-minute documentary describes the connection between water and energy and documents how cities and utilities across the western United States are collaborating, conserving, and utilizing new technology to squeeze more use out of every precious drop of water.


"Water: The Lifeblood of Energy" is a production of Prairie Public Broadcasting in collaboration with the Northern Great Plains Water Consortium, led by the University of North Dakota's Energy & Environmental Research Center. Executive Producers Bethany Kurz and Bob Dambach; Producers/Writers Charlene Crocker and Daniel Daly; Production Manager Barbara Gravel; Animation Tim Eissenger of 3D Graphics; Narrator Joyce Eisenbraun.

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