German Food & Folkways: Heirloom Memories from Europe, South Russia & the Great Plains Cookbook

Crispy Bratkartoffeln, succulent brathuhn, creamy Kopfsalat, brillian Borscht, savory Strudel, plump Holubsti, Eintopfgerichte that can make a feast, invigorating Hochzeit Red Eye — you'll find more than 400 recipes for these historic foods titled in English and German with comments on how dishes varied within this seemingly homogeneous ethnic group. It's about family recipes for everyday and for holidays. It's about the farm butcher, the farmhouse cook and gardener, the home vintner. "German Food & Folkways" is about food and drink that has nourished and nurtured for centuries.

The author, Rose Marie H. Gueldner, a descendant of Germans from Russia pioneers, has worked as an educator, professional cook, writer, journalist, and businesswoman. She spent years researching history, traveling to ethnic communities, visiting cooks and gathering data for this book.

Price: $25.00

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