Mother Nature in Charge: Devils Lake The Dilemma PLUS Devils Lake Life Stories

This DVD includes MOTHER NATURE IN CHARGE: DEVILS LAKE THE DILEMMA and MOTHER NATURE IN CHARGE: DEVILS LAKE LIFE STORIES, a total of nearly 90 minutes of informative, in depth analysis of the Devils Lake water situation.

MOTHER NATURE IN CHARGE: DEVILS LAKE LIFE STORIES examines the plight of the area’s frustrated residents, including horse farm owner Tammy Tollefson, whose only access in and out of her property is a duck boat, and Dan Webster, a farmer who has already had to burn one farm to the ground and is trying to keep his operation above water, so to speak. Harriet Horner-Larson, now living in Fordville, has been forced to raze two houses because of raging waters and unlivable conditions. And miles away, in Churchs Ferry, mayor Paul Christenson is nearly the last man standing as the tiny town is on the verge of de-consolidating.

MOTHER NATURE IN CHARGE: DEVILS LAKE THE DILEMMA focuses on the new outlet, the concerns of downstream residents in Valley City and farmers in the Devils Lake Basin, and some recollections from former North Dakota Senator Mark Andrews.

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Executive Producer: Bob Dambach Associate Producer: Matt Olien Editor: Ben Stommes Production funding provided by Ramsey National Bank & Trust Co., Devils Lake; Bergstrom Cars, Devils Lake; Nodak Electric Cooperative, Grand Forks; Devils Lake Basin Joint Water Resource Board; and by the members of Prairie Public.

Price: $29.95

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Iron Cross Memorial Keepsake

The Germans from Russia Heritage Collection of North Dakota State University and Prairie Public Television are proud to introduce this specially commissioned sculpture by nationally recognized artist, Nellie Kranz-Edwards of Butte, ND.

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Numerous museums and historical societies including the State Historical Society of North Dakota and the International Peace Garden have already had Nellie design for them. Six of the artist’s eight children are involved in hand-casting and hand-painting each piece with as much skill as their mother. As a reminder of your own Germans from Russia heritage, or as a unique birthday, anniversary, or Christmas gift for someone special, this keepsake will be the kind of gift you will be proud to give — and you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to support the important work of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection and Prairie Public. The “Iron Cross Memorial Keepsake” is full of fine detail. Rich in symbolism from the cross itself to wheat; prairie grass and hearts to prairie roses and the shawl which the German-Russian women wore. Gold/bronze pulver is used to highlight much of the artwork, which hangs on a handsome walnut and brass stand, complete with brass engraving. The inscription reads “Prairie Crosses, Prairie Voices.”

Price: $18.00

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German-Russian Food Traditions audio CD

In German-Russian Food Traditions, Leona (Kuhn) Hoff remembers her mother’s homemade noodles and hardscrabble kitchen, Orion Arlyn Rudolph describes keeping perishables in a bucket in the well, John Gross’ details how to make ‘schwartamagan’ (more commonly known as head cheese), and other narrators tell stories of canning, butchering, and traditional German-Russian dishes and food customs.

Price: $20.00

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