Reach Your Target With Prairie Public Broadcasting


It’s smart marketing! Public broadcasting viewers and listeners have higher incomes, are better educated, and are far more likely to be heads of households — the very people most businesses want to reach! They really watch television, listen to radio, know who the underwriters are and support them. Some fact and figures…

Prairie Public’s business development team is Mark Antonishin, Beth Bradley, Russell Ford-Dunker, Mike Moreau, and Lowell Loritz.

Prairie Public’s business development team is Mark Antonishin in Winnipeg; Beth Bradley and Russell Ford-Dunker in Fargo; Mike Moreau in Winnipeg; and Lowell Loritz in Bismarck.

  • 48% of our audience dislikes commercial television and radio advertising, so nearly 50% change channels or leave the room during commercials. With public television and radio that doesn’t happen. Your message will be delivered where it counts, not to an empty living room but to a decision-maker who is paying attention!
  • 80% of our members feel that underwriters are “industry leaders” and that they “have a commitment to quality and excellence.”
  • 69% of our members are likely to switch brands to support a company with a strong record of giving.
  • Over 50% of our members are more inclined to purchase products or services from companies that support public broadcasting. Most importantly, 90% believe it is important to do business with a company that makes charitable contributions.

But it’s not “advertising” as we think of it, so how can it work?

Because your underwriting message is not “advertising,” viewers and listeners don’t tune it out. Your underwriting credit is perceived as “friendly.” So when it comes time to buy, Prairie Public’s viewers and listeners are going to do business with their friend…you!

Businesses spend many years and countless dollars trying to build “good will” because it’s good for business. Can you think of a more effective way to build good will than underwriting public broadcasting?

Your partnership with Prairie Public Broadcasting is win/win! Supporting quality television and radio is important to our community; that support comes back as black ink. The “bottom line” is it works!

Contact one of our Business Development Representatives to learn more about sponsoring television and radio programming on Prairie Public
Mark Antonishin, Business Development Representative • Manitoba, Canada 204-297-5404
Beth Bradley, Business Development Representative • Eastern ND and Western MN 800-359-6900 ext 565
Russell Ford-Dunker, Business Development Manager • 800-359-6900 ext 536
Michael Moreau, Business Development Representative • Manitoba, Canada 204-510-9716
Lowell Loritz, Business Development Representative • Western ND 701-224-1700 ext 206


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