Day Sponsorship

Become a Prairie Public Day Sponsor

Individuals who contribute $150 or more are eligible for a day sponsorship on Prairie Public’s radio service.  A day sponsorship includes a personal message that will be broadcast four times on the air during the chosen date. To make a Day Sponsor contribution now, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Day Sponsorships

What is a Day Sponsorship?

Eligible members may have a personal message broadcast on air during the day of their choice. To give a few examples, messages can be used to commemorate a special day such as a birthday or anniversary, acknowledge a worthy organization or recognize a friend or relative. Prairie Public reserves the right to refuse any dedication that is deemed inappropriate.

How do I become eligible for a Day Sponsorship?

Day-Sponsorship messages are special recognition to members who give gifts of $150 or greater in a twelve month period. With a donation of $150 or more, you are eligible for one day sponsorship; $365 or more, two day sponsorships; $1000 or more, three day sponsorships. Day Sponsorships must be redeemed within twelve months from the gift date.

If I have already given my gift, how do I go about becoming a day sponsor?

You should receive a Day-Sponsorship form in your thank-you letter from Prairie Public. Thank-you letters are sent within 2-4 days of receiving a donation. If you have already received your thank-you letter, but a form wasn’t included, please call our membership department at 1-800-359-6900 or email

How many times will my message be announced on air?

Your message will be announced four times during your sponsorship day. Announcement times will vary depending on the day of the week and station announcing the message.

How long can my Day-Sponsorship message be?

You may use up to 20 words after this standard introduction to personalize your message. “Today’s programming is made possible, in part, by….” To assist our on-air announcers, please provide phonetic spellings of commonly mispronounced names or words.

Do I need to use my name in my Day-Sponsorship message?

Yes. Prairie Public requires that the person or persons making the donation must agree to having their first and last name read on-air.

What if the date I choose is not available?

We try to accommodate all requests; however, if your date is unavailable please have a second choice in mind.

When should I notify Prairie Public about a day sponsorship message?

We require a minimum of 30 days advance notice of day sponsorship messages. This allows time for the message to get approved, produced and scheduled. We strongly recommend contacting us as soon as possible if you have a specific date in mind; however, dates cannot be reserved more than one year in advance. Please call our membership department at 1-800-359-6900 or email if you have any questions.

May I donate my Day Sponsorship?

No. Day Sponsorships are special recognition for eligible members and are not transferable. The message must include the first and last name of the person or persons making the donation.  However, you may use your day sponsorship to honor a group or organization. “Today’s programming is made possible, in part, by John Smith, honoring the work of North Dakota’s teachers and education professionals.”

May I use my Day Sponsorship to promote a business or announce an event?

Day-Sponsorship messages must be personal, non-commercial, and non-promotional in nature. Therefore we cannot use messages that announce times, dates or locations of events. If you would like to announce specific information about a business, organization or event, please contact our Business Development department at 1-800-359-6900.