Vehicle Donation

Turn your unwanted car, boat, or truck into the programs you enjoy!


Stop! Your car could be evidence! Evidence that you love your public media station. And, who best to argue the case? None other than NPR Senior Legal Correspondent Nina Totenberg:

“I’ve covered lots of strong arguments in my day, but here’s one that would be a nine-nothing decision. Instead of trading in your used car, donate it here and turn it into the programs you love. Case closed.”

 How it works:

  • Complete the online form or call 1-866-789-8627.
  • Schedule a pick-up (and fill out some paperwork).
  • Prairie Public receives a check and you receive a tax receipt.

CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program provides vehicle donation services for Prairie Public. CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program will arrange for the pick-up of your vehicle.  Prairie Public receives the proceeds from the auction minus administrative and auction fees.

To find FAQs or Tax & Legal Information about vehicle donations, go to the CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program website.

*Available to U.S. residents only.