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Prairie Pulse is back with a new season featuring host John Harris and the newsmakers of our region.

Coming Up

  • August 1: Four former members of Hutterite colonies near Brandon, Manitoba and Grand Forks talk about leaving the colonies and the oppressive nature of the colony. Jason, Junia, Cindy and Rodney Waldner are interviewed. They and 5 other ex Hutterites have written a book called “Hutterites”.
  • August 8: Fargo Author Marc de Celle talks about his new book “How Fargo of You”. Also, music from Grafton, ND band Sneaky Wild Oats.
  • August 15: Interview with ND Farmers Union President Mark Watne. Also, profile of Poetry Out Loud competition at Fargo Shanley High School.
  • August 22: Interview with Winnipeg Author Sandra Sukhan “In Search of the Blue Lotus”, and profile of 2014 state Poetry Out Loud champion Julia Johnnson of Fargo Shanley High School.
  • August 29: Interview with ND USDA Rural Development Director Jasper Schneider. Also, story on filmmaker John Hanson “Northern Lights”.
  • September 5: Interview with Author and Photographer David Paukert and Poet Terry Jacobson “Visions of the Prairie”. Also, music from Keri Noble.
  • September 12: Interview with Deb Dawson about Sudan situation. Also, Elissa Korenne’s music video “Hormel Girls”.
  • September 19: Interview with new Plains Art Museum Curator Becky Dunham. Also music from Northern Lights Gospel Quartet.
  • September 26: Andrea Winkjer Collin is the editor of North Dakota Horizons Magazine. She talks about her magazine, its history and the stories they cover. Also, 2013 Poetry Out Loud finalist Reed Wagner of Bismarck is profiled.

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