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Malcolm Frager: American Pianist


mnfrager_photo_project_only_use_scan_malcolm_at_keyboard_8Encore Broadcast
Monday, August 18 at 9:30 pm

Prairie Public’s newest original documentary Malcolm Frager: American Pianist chronicles the award-winning artist’s life, work, and legacy. Frager’s talent and scholarship was honored with numerous prestigious awards, and his influence and perseverance uncovered a cache of more than a thousand original manuscripts by Bach, Beethoven, Schumann, and Mozart that had been missing and believed lost since World War II.

Production funding is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund with money from the vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4th, 2008, the Friends and Family of Dr. Robert Chabora, The Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York and by the members of Prairie Public.

The producer of Malcolm Frager—American Pianist, Dr. Robert J. Chabora (1946-2015), was a respected writer and biographer who explored the life and music of Malcolm Frager extensively. Dr. Chabora’s book, “Search and Celebration: The Life and Art of Malcolm Frager” was completed posthumously in conjunction with this documentary.

Executive Producers: Dr. Robert Chabora, Bob Dambach
Producer: Steven Wennblom
Editor: Ann Hall Anderson 

About the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a landmark piece of legislation — the Minnesota Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment — which provided funding to public television stations serving audiences in Minnesota. Its mission is to help preserve and document the treasures of culture, history, and heritage that make Minnesota special, and to increase access to the natural and cultural resources we all share. Click here for more information.

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