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Artists, Writers & History

Andrew Stark: An Artist Emerging

Artists Hub: All The Comforts of Home

Boyd Sharp: The Artistic Spirit

Brad Bachmeier: Out Of The Fire

Buck Paulson: Portrait of the Artist as Television Teacher

Charles Beck: Master of Woodcut Prints

Charles A. Lindbergh: Truth and Consequences in the 1918 Minnesota Primary

Buck Paulson: Portrait of the Artist as Television Teacher

Darla Julin: Edible Art

Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra Conductor Candidates: In Search of Excellence

Fred Cogelow: Statements in Wood

Jean Honl: Traditional Norwegian Art

Jean Ranstrom: Art in Plein Air

Jennifer Patterson: Miniature Quilts in Clay

Jerry Jacobson: A Sweet Tradition

Joe Van Cleve: Art by Chainsaw

John Hanson: Northern Lights

Karen Enger Dance Studio: Art Through Action

Katie Hennagir: Long Distance Design

Kim Brewster: Art On Ice

Laura Youngbird: Drawing On Family

Lloyd Harding: The Collaborative Art of Bonsai

O.E. Flaten & S.P. Wange: Pioneering Photographers

Richard Bresnahan: Tasting Clay

Richard Szeitz: Forging A New Life

Robert Hoover: Preserving Tradition

Rodney Haug: Pieces Of Art

Sara Jo Trangsrud: Nature’s Pottery

Shelli Fenske: Sculpture To Wear

Sinclair Lewis: The Conscience of His Generation

Timothy Ray: An Artist’s Legacy

Tom Brandau: The Magic of Telling Stories in Film

About the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

In 2008, Minnesota voters passed a landmark piece of legislation — the Minnesota Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment — which provided funding to public television stations serving audiences in Minnesota. Its mission is to help preserve and document the treasures of culture, history, and heritage that make Minnesota special, and to increase access to the natural and cultural resources we all share. This amendment to the Minnesota Constitution, Article XI, Section 15 is commonly referred to as the Legacy Amendment. As a result of this vote, Prairie Public and other Minnesota public television stations are entrusted to support the overall goals of the Legacy Amendment and to help preserve Minnesota arts, history and cultural heritage, while making the content readily available to viewers like you.

We are  excited to be able to provide you with quality legacy programming through local series and documentaries, while also featuring this legacy content online. If you have any questions about these or other local productions at Prairie Public, send us an email or write us at the address below.

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