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America’s Grasslands

Prairie Public and Ducks Unlimited have teamed to produce a documentary about one of the most threatened biomes on the planet—a biome that is in our own backyard. Because no other landscape on the continent is more important to waterfowl, wildlife, and cattle producers than the native prairie in the Prairie Pothole Region of the Dakotas, the project producers traveled across North Dakota to explore the uniqueness of this resource, the complicated reasons we’re losing grassland, and the efforts of ranchers and conservationists to protect it.

  • 2012 Aurora Award: Platinum Best of Show (Nature/Environment Category)

online for $24.95 or order by calling 1-800-359-6900

Production Funding Provided By

The program is funded by a grant from Ducks Unlimited, MDU Resources Foundation, and by the Members of Prairie Public.

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