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Global Energy and Carbon

Tracking Our Footprint

Flick the switch, push the button, turn the key–and energy flows through the industrialized world. What will our world be like when everyone on the planet has this level of access to energy? Global Energy and Carbon: Tracking Our Footprint follows families in the United States, India, and Cameroon to examine how energy is used in three economies–industrialized, emerging, and developing–to document a “typical” family’s impact on the environment and workable strategies they can employ to reduce their carbon footprints. This documentary explores options to manage carbon emissions from energy use while providing adequate access to energy for the world’s growing populations.

  • 2012 Aurora Award: Platinum Best of Show (Nature/Environment Category)

Broadcast premiere 2010

online for $24.95or order by calling 1-800-359-6900

Production Funding Provided By

This program is made possible with support from The Energy & Environmental Research Center (EERC) at the University of North Dakota, the U.S. Department of Energy Department of Fossil Energy, the National Energy Technology Laboratory, The Energy & Environmental Research Center’s Plains CO2 Reduction Partnership, and the members of Prairie Public.

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