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Prairie Churches

The prairie is dotted with unique and picturesque churches, many of which are in danger of being lost forever. Prairie Churches preserves the stories of some of these priceless buildings. Often the first community structure to be built, these spiritual landmarks represent the hopes and dreams of settlers who sought to forge a new future for themselves and their children. Prairie Churches showcases the diverse history and architectural traditions represented by 117 churches throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota and Minnesota. Prairie Public’s video crew filmed prairie spires, onion domes, and steeples through four seasons. “Prairie Churches” explores the role churches have in sustaining the history and culture of the vanishing rural landscape of the prairie. The first community structure to be built and the last to close its doors, these landmarks represent the hopes and dreams of early settlers and the congregations that currently occupy them.
Broadcast premiere 2008

online for $29.95 or order by calling 1-800-359-6900. The DVD includes a bonus feature profile of artist Count Berthold von Imhoff who devoted his life to painting the churches of fellow immigrants throughout Saskatchewan and the Dakotas.

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