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Prairie Mosaic

Season 5 Episodes: 2013-2014

Tune in for an all new season of Prairie Mosaic, a patchwork of stories about the people and places that contribute to the Arts, Culture and History in our region.

#501: October 28, 2013:  Learn how the father of aviator Charles Lindbergh became a target of anti-Nonpartisan League forces during the 1918 Minnesota primary, listen to poetry read by this year’s Poetry Out Loud state champion Janessa Hensrud of Northwood High School, investigate how a University of Manitoba professor has helped 3 Ugandan communities develop sustainable tourism, and enjoy the electronic reggae sounds of a band Jon Wayne and The Pain from Minneapolis.

#502: November 16, 2013 Listen to poetry read by Poetry Out Loud competition finalist Reed Wagner of Bismarck High School, learn about the craft of making maple syrup, re-discover Sinclair Lewis’s satirical look at turn-of-the-century prairie life, and enjoy the mellow sounds of The Deb Jenkins Band a blues band who have been together for almost 30 years.

#503: January 27, 2014  On this edition, we’ll investigate the art of rosemaling with artist Jean Honl, visit the Mill City Museum dedicated to the history of Minnesota’s milling industry, hear the story of the Root Beer Lady by musician Elisa Korene, and listen to some smooth jazz music from Sneaky Wild Oats.

#504: February 24, 2014 Learn the story of immigrant homesteader and mail order bride Rachel Calof through the music of Elisa Korenne, visit jewelry artist Shelli Fenske who uses precious stones in her art, enjoy the romantic sounds of gypsy jazz music with Minnesota musicians Clearwater Hot Club, and explore the abstract woodcuts that depict Fergus Falls native Charles Beck’s view of the prairies.

#505: March 31, 2014 Look at a unique part of Minnesota history through a song written and performed by Elisa Korenne about the Hormel Girls, a group formed in 1964 by Jay Hormel, visit an art gallery called Artist on Main in Roseau, MN, run by artists, preview Icelandic State Park, a vacation destination in North Dakota and listen to original music performed by a talented Minnesota singer-songwriter, Keri Noble.

#506: April 28, 2014 Listen to a song written and performed by Elisa Korenne about the history of steamboats, experience the chainsaw art of Joe VanCleave of Roseau, MN, watch Jennifer Patterson of Alverado, MN make clay jewelry and enjoy the sweet harmony of gospel music by the Northern Lights Gospel Quartet of Otter Tail County, MN.

#507: May 12, 2014 Learn about “Northern Lights”, a ground-breaking film that focused on North Dakota politics, listen to poetry read by 2014 North Dakota Poetry Out Loud state champion Julia Johnson of Shanley High School, look at photographs depicting Icelandic emigration with Nelson Gerrard of Riverton, MB, and enjoy Minneapolis musician Andra Suchy’s style of music called Americana Folk.

#508: June 30, 2014 Learn about the life of abstract artist Timothy Ray of Moorhead, MN, prepare for the 2014 Poetry Out Loud competition with Shanley High School in Fargo, ND, watch as illustrations are created by Fargo-born SD Nelson for a Native American children’s book, and listen to Trio Lorca, an amazing trio from St. Cloud State University, perform their avante garde style of music.

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