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The Old Red Trail

From mud to superhighway, Prairie Public’s local production The Old Red Trail is an historical retrospective of the road we now know as Interstate 94. It has been called many things. The Red Trail, the Red Line Trail, the National Parks Highway, North Dakota Highway 3, U.S. Highway 10, the Theodore Roosevelt Badlands Trail, Interstate 94 – a succession of names across almost a century, all describing an automobile transportation route extending well beyond the boundaries of North Dakota. From east to west it stretches over the state’s southern half, through the Red River Valley, up escarpments, across plains formed by glaciers, over the nation’s longest river, across rolling plains through the rugged Badlands. From its humble beginnings as a dirt trail to today’s incarnation as Interstate Highway 94, it forms the major east/west route for auto travel across the state.

Broadcast premiere 2007

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Production Funding Provided By

Funding was provided in part by the North Dakota Department of Transportation with Transportation Enhancement Funds provided by the Federal Highway Division and the members of Prairie Public.

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