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Keep the kids busy this summer!

Children can stay busy with some fun and helpful activities this summer and earn a free PBS Nerd t-shirt.


  1. Download the BINGO card.
  2. Complete the tasks.
  3. Choose your t-shirt size* and color.
  4. Print your name and address neatly.
  5. Send your completed BINGO card to Prairie Public.

*See measurements below.

This activity is meant to encourage good habits, a helpful attitude, and independence—most activities require minimal adult supervision.
Most of all, it should encourage creativity—if one activity won’t work for your family, you may substitute another.

T-Shirt Measurements

XS Kids T-shirt
16" length
13" width

M Kids T-shirt
21" length
16" width

XL Kids T-shirt
24" length
19" width