Free Pre-K-12 Professional Development Workshops

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PBS Learning Media

PBS LearningMedia

From NOVA to Nature, Frontline to Masterpiece, Arthur to Daniel Tiger, PBS LearningMedia is full of engaging resources for learners of all ages. With videos in student-friendly segments, integrated teaching tools, standards alignment and more, LearningMedia is a one-stop-shop for high-quality, FREE educational content. Power up your classroom with PBS. (PK-12; 60-120 minutes)

Weekly Webchats

Explore resources, get inspiration, test ideas, and connect with like-minded educators, all from the cozy, convenient comfort of your home or classroom. These online chats feature area educators sharing a resource, topic, or idea. Continuing Ed credit available.

Create Changemakers

Create Changemakers

Inspire staff and students to be changemakers! Using the World Café brainstorming method, empower staff to identify and address challenges or train teachers to harness their students' problem-solving power through meaningful PBL. This universal training will spark conversations and launch change. (All staff; 2-4 hours)

Tech Round-up

Tech Round-Up

Build your own tech integration workshop! Pick a topic, like formative assessments, flipped classroom, or movie-making — or choose a specific tool such as Google Classroom, EdPuzzle, or Flipgrid. Then explore the tools and strategize how to integrate tech meaningfully into your classroom and lessons. (PK-12; 60-120+ minutes)

We code with Scratch jr

Coding Camp

Bring the skills and excitement of coding into your classroom. Scaffold instruction to build students' sequencing and problem-solving skills. These workshops can be designed to support teachers or kids. (K-4, 60-120 minutes)

Inquiry Spark

Inquiry Spark

The Question Formulation Technique (QFT) is a simple, effective strategy for generating and prioritizing questions. Learn to use QFT to facilitate inquiry-based learning, stimulate discussions, encourage meaningful research, and create authentic projects. (PK-12; 60 minutes)

PBS Kids Videos

Games and Videos

Stream videos and play PBS games online for free! Explore a variety of fun, interactive, online learning resources for kids, classes, and parents featuring everyone's favorite PBS Kids characters. Visit (PK-5)
Learning on the go

Educational Apps

Count and sort with Peg + Cat, practice patience and empathy with Daniel Tiger, learn about science with Cat in the Hat, or explore the great outdoors with Nature Cat. Find these and other great learning tools in the PBS App store. (PK-5)

Little Discoverers

Sesame Street Toolkits

Sesame Street Toolkits provide opportunities for adults to to talk with kids about difficult topics. Kits are available to support conversations about: divorce, incarceration, eating well, autism, grief, healthy teeth, and more. For a full list, visit (PK-6)

PBS Parents

Parent Support

Every parent can use a little extra support now and then, especially while their kids transition between age groups. With games and activities, nutrition information, and advice from parenting experts, PBS Parents has FREE resources to help parents continue the learning at home. For more details, go to (PK-5)

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities

Sesame Street in Communities builds on a decades-long commitment to addressing kids’ developmental, physical, and emotional needs. The site provides free training videos, webinars, forums, and resources for childcare providers and parents. Visit

PBS Kids Writers Contest

PBS Kids Writers Contest

Fire up your young writers and share their stories! Each spring, Prairie Public sponsors a K-3 creative writing contest. Entries may be fiction or non-fiction, poetry, or prose. More information can be found here.