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Our FREE series is designed to support your professional development. All you need is an internet connection, a comfy chair, and 30 - 60 minutes to explore resources, ideas, and strategies for your classroom.





April 2 – Using Mentor Texts to Bolster Student Writing Kelly Sassi, Director of the Red River Valley Writing Project, along with teachers Jazmyne Reinke of Davies High School, Ben Scallon of Lakota High School and Liz Johnson of Bennett Elementary share how mentor texts can support student writing in any grade or subject. Plus, learn more about the Scholastic Writing competition that occurs each fall.

April 11 – Building Writer’s Workshop into the Classroom (K-12) Liberty Elementary School 2nd grade teacher, Karen Arnold, shares how she helps develop a passion for writing. From setup and teacher/student tools, to first days of writing and conferring with writers, this chat has your writing back.

April 30 Communication for the Real World- Molly Bestge, former middle school ELA teacher and Curriculum Coordinator and founder of Cultivate 21, shares practical strategies to integrate real-world communication tasks into the classroom. Using interviews with various career professionals to provide concrete examples, Molly will model authentic activities that prepare students for life after high school.

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April 9 – (Posted Video) Get Organized- Tech Tips to Help you Rule your Room (K-12) Area teachers share strategies to keep your content and class clear and organized, for you and for students. Explore Schoology, Classroomscreen, and Slides for simple ideas to maximize your time.

April 18 – (Posted Video) Why Writing Matters (K-12) A series of quick chats with NON-English teachers about how and why they making writing a priority. Guitar teacher Mark Berntson, social studies teacher Colin Kloster, and others share how they use maximize instruction by integrating writing.

April 25 (Posted Video) Writing to Build Connections (K-12) ELL teacher and 2018 ND Teacher of the Year Leah Juelke and her students share how writing has helped empower students and build deeper relationships in the classroom.



Can I receive credit?
Absolutely! In the spring, all attendees will receive Certificates of Completion listing their web chat hours. OR, you can sign-up for Continuing Education Credit and attend any 15 Chat hours for 1 CE Credit.

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VCSU Credit - Class #17838

What if I can’t attend chats live?

No problem. Check out our Weekly Web Chat Channel to view chat recordings. Complete the web chat reflection form linked to each video to receive Continuing Ed Credit and/or a Certificate of Completion. Most recordings will be shorter than the live chats, so you’ll get to check out a few more to get to 15 hours.

Why should I attend?
It’s a quick, free, low-stress PD that allows you to explore ideas and expand your teaching tricks, all right from your home or classroom. If the conversation isn’t about what you thought, just sign-out. But we think you’ll find something useful, because other teachers told us so:
  • “I am hoping my assistant coach can run practice while I watch/do the March webinars, but in case that doesn’t work I am glad you have them recorded! I am loving PD for Me. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Julie, High School teacher, Richland, ND
  • “Tons of great info today! Can’t wait to start using it!” – January Flipped Classroom Attendee
  • “Lots of info ... need to dig in and explore now!” – March Writer’s Workshop Attendee
  • “Thank you very much and this was a great session! I’m just beginning the use of VR in the classroom and your ideas will be helpful.” – January Mystery Skype & VR attendee

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