PD FOR ME Weekly Web Chat Series

Thanks to feedback from teachers our FREE series is back and redesigned to better support your professional development.

All you need is an internet connection, a comfy chair, and 30 - 60 minutes to explore resources, ideas, and strategies for your classroom.

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Can I receive credit?
Absolutely! In the spring, all attendees will receive Certificates of Completion listing their web chat hours. OR, you can sign-up for Continuing Education Credit and attend any 15 Chat hours for 1 CE Credit.


NDSU Credit (Registration January 21-February 1)

UND Credit

VCSU Credit - Class #17838

What if I can’t attend chats live?

No problem. Check out our Weekly Web Chat Channel to view chat recordings. Complete the web chat reflection form linked to each video to receive Continuing Ed Credit and/or a Certificate of Completion. Most recordings will be shorter than the live chats, so you’ll get to check out a few more to get to 15 hours.

Why should I attend?
It’s a quick, free, low-stress PD that allows you to explore ideas and expand your teaching tricks, all right from your home or classroom. If the conversation isn’t about what you thought, just sign-out. But we think you’ll find something useful, because other teachers told us so:
  • “I am hoping my assistant coach can run practice while I watch/do the March webinars, but in case that doesn’t work I am glad you have them recorded! I am loving PD for Me. Thanks for all your hard work!” – Julie, High School teacher, Richland, ND
  • “Tons of great info today! Can’t wait to start using it!” – January Flipped Classroom Attendee
  • “Lots of info ... need to dig in and explore now!” – March Writer’s Workshop Attendee
  • “Thank you very much and this was a great session! I’m just beginning the use of VR in the classroom and your ideas will be helpful.” – January Mystery Skype & VR attendee

Can we please talk about…?

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Here’s what we’re chatting about this month. Stay tuned for additions, new topics, and content/grade specific chats.


February 5 - PBL: Getting Started, Setting Goals, & Planning (K-12) - Our February focus is PBL. This first session is all logistics: what makes a PBL (rather than a project or report), how and where to get started, connecting PBL to standards and curriculum, and exploring PBL samples. Fargo library and instructional resources coordinator and PBL trainer Amy Soma helps set the stage for PBL magic.

February 7 (no live chat) - Creative Expression with PBS (PK-3) -Explore a multitude of multimedia resources to stimulate creative expression in the classroom.

February 12 (no live chat) - Maximizing Google (PK-12) -A tour of helpful (free) extensions and add-ons to help power-up Chrome and G-Suite tools.

February 14 - PBL: Group Dynamics & Grading: When, What & How? (K-12) - Managing and coaching students through a PBL is a lot of work. We’ll chat strategies for reducing your grading time, maximizing student productivity, and cultivating positive group dynamics.

February 19 -Stimulating Class Discussion (K-12) - Mix-up your discussion with these fun variations. Ashley English teacher Wendy Bichler and Washburn English teacher Josh Eddy join to talk about silent discussions, discussion stations, poster discussions, and other ideas to keep your students talking.

February 21- PBL: Cross-Curricular Connections (K-12) -Take your PBL to the next level and create a truly dynamic, authentic learning experience by collaborating across grades or subjects. Middle school social studies teacher Heidi Crowley shares her approach to crafting cross-curricular PBL.

February 26- Tech Tools Update (K-12) - Join in as I share a few fresh new tools and new applications of old favorites.

February 28- PBL: Real World Connections (K-12) - Even a carefully crafted PBL can fall flat without an authentic real-world connection. Middle School social studies teacher Heidi Crowley returns to share ideas to build authenticity in the project and project presentation.

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