Prairie Musicians 2019 lineup

Jessica Vines

Moorhead, MN

Jessica Vines is a fresh talent who uniquely combines rock, pop and jazz. She weaves thoughtful lyrics of everyday feelings into the bouncy beats of her original tunes, and suddenly you find yourself wanting more. Her debut EP For A Night was recently released, and she tours the region regularly.

Pat Lenertz Band

Moorhead, MN
The Pat Lenertz Band is a group of seasoned veterans, and their sense of brotherhood brings a unity to the music. Pat’s powerfully raw vocals complete the package. This band’s energy is both entertaining and infectious. They’ve released several albums and tour the region regularly.

Dariann Leigh

Karlstad, MN
Dariann Leigh has a sweet girl-next-door personality, but her voice stops you in your tracks. She’s recorded in Nashville and has big plans for her musical future. Catch her on Prairie Musicians, then see her live as she tours the country.

Luke LeBlanc

Minneapolis, MN
Luke LeBlanc is a hard working musician who taught himself how to play the guitar at the age of 11. Since then, he’s received awards, opened for several mainstream bands, and released EPs with his infectious style of original acoustic music. He has toured the country, but has a special connection to the energy of Nashville, TN.

Sarah Morreau and Rebekka DeVries

Fargo, ND & Glyndon, MN
Sarah Morrau and Rebekka DeVries grace the Prairie Public soundstage with some of their favorite hymns and traditional favorites. Sarah also treats our audience to a few of her never-before-heard original tunes that hold special meaning in her life.

The John Pederson Jazz Quintet

Moorhead, MN
The John Pederson Jazz Quintet is a top-notch group of the Fargo-Moorhead community’s best musicians, including John Pederson featured on trumpet and flugelhorn. On Prairie Musicians, they’ll play some jazz favorites from throughout the years.

Rachael Ianiro

Moorhead, MN
Rachael Ianiro is a fresh talent who brings a youthful sense of love and optimism to her original tunes. Her songs center on having fun at the lake in the summer and the ups and downs of relationships. It’s evident that she’s focused on her performance career, and she’s sure to gain a strong fan base as she tours the region with her acoustic guitar in hand.

Natalie Fideler

Moorhead, MN
Natalie Fideler is a fun-loving and talented composer and performer. Her light-hearted, jovial personality shines through in the lyrics of her original music. Her stage presence is confident as she belts out the honesty of life as a millennial.