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Prairie Musicians 2020


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Stovepipes are a group of four powerhouse musicians who hail from the Highway 10 region of Minnesota. Their on-stage energy rivals their gritty blues/rock blend.

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The Jensen Sisters

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Kendra and Kansas Jensen are singer/songwriters from Goodridge, MN, who have quickly taken the music industry by surprise. Winners of the Midwest Country Music Association’s New Artist of the Year, they have fun performing their music and it shows.

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Meat Rabbits

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A talented group of musicians who combine traditional polka, contemporary rock and pop music for a fun live show, including silly costumes and props a special effect.

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Chris Koza

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Chris Koza is a composer from the Minneapolis area who combines pop, rock, folk and indie to create his own form of Americana-style music. He is joined by Jourdan Myers of Mineapolis, MN, on piano for this performance.

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The Vistas

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The Vistas have become well-known for their unique funky soul sound. They perform a mix of new tunes, including “Cascades of Atlantis,” and some original favorites.

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Dan Israel

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Dan Israel is a Minnesota singer/songwriter who has been creating folk rock for over two decades. The music he performs from his album "Social Media Anxiety Disorder" is a mix of sweet melodies and infectious hooks that will leave you wanting more.

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Robb Justice

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Robb Justice and his band perform a mix of Americana and old country that reminisce of the solitude found in wide open landscapes. The lyrics are stories married to music derived from his personal experiences

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Facebook: RobbJusticeMusic
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Scott Prebys and Jazz Friends

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Scott Prebys and Jazz Friends, all based in the Bismarck, ND area, impress with a unique improvisational set of American Jazz standards.

More about Scott Prebys

Scott Prebys hosts two programs on Prairie Public's FM1 radio stream: Prebys on Classics airs weekdays at 10:00am; and Prebys on Jazz airs on Saturdays at 7:00pm.

Fargo Spelemannslag

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Fargo Spelemannslag, with members from Minnesota and North Dakota, is an eclectic group of talented musicians dedicated to inspiring, strengthening and energizing the Hardanger fiddle music and dance community.

More about Fargo Spelemannslag

Facebook Group: Fargo Spelemannslag