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Prairie Musicians 2021

Watch an all-new lineup of performances from regional musicians.


Watch her performance!

Elska’s personal journey takes center stage in the lyrics of her indie, pop-style music. The progressive sound melts into her dynamic vocal range to produce a truly ethereal experience. 

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Facebook: HiElska
Instagram: @hielska
Spotify: Elska

Jeff James

Watch his performance!

Jeff James is an eternal showman who loves every aspect of entertaining. His favorite styles of music include folk, blues, country and gospel. His musical ability became more focused during his nine years in Nashville, and this unplugged performance is the perfect blend of guitar and his heartfelt lyrics. 

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Facebook: JeffJamesLiveLooper
Instagram: @jeffjamesmanagement
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Thomas Anderson

Watch his performance!

Thomas Anderson is a premium classical guitarist and a professor of guitar studies at the University of North Dakota. His passion is teaching technique to students and sharing his love for many different styles of guitar.

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Facebook: ThomasAndersonGuitar

Hailey James

Watch her performance!

Hailey James is a musical star on the rise. As a singer/songwriter, she’s been performing since the age of 14. She learned how to play guitar from watching YouTube, and her dream is to share her original music on a national level.

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Facebook: HaileyJamesMusic
Instagram: @haileyjamesmusic
YouTube: Hailey James Music

Abraham Tabares, Jr.

Watch his performance!

Abraham Tabares, Jr. is a music education major at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Abraham brings his tastes for pop and classic rock to the guitar for this unplugged performance!

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Facebook: AbrahamTabaresMusic
Instagram: @atabares00

Andrew McFarlane

Watch his performance!

Andrew McFarlane is a true musician who composes, arranges, and performs. His instruments of choice are guitar and bass guitar, but his studies at Minnesota State University Moorhead have prepared him for life of musical success. He has woven his favorite genres of pop, rock and jazz into his original compositions.

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Facebook: AndrewMcFarlane123
Twitter: @RealAndrewMac9
Instagram: @andrew_mcfarlane_101
YouTube: Andrew McFarlane Music

Tyler Herwig

Watch his performance!

Tyler Herwig is a charismatic personality who sings from the soul and connects with audiences as a result. The honesty in his jazzy pop lyrics are a true testament to his unique talent. 

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Facebook: TylerHerwigMusic
Instagram: @tylerherwigmusic
YouTube: Tyler Herwig
SoundCloud: Tyler Herwig

Ann Heymann

Watch her performance!

Ann Heymann is a master in the performance and traditions of the Gaelic Harp. She performs a broad spectrum of repertoire including traditional, historical and original compositions. Her passion is sharing her knowledge of the instrument in workshops and master classes.

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