Great Performances

Sleeping Beauty

This Great Performances production begins in an era when fairies and vampires fed the gothic imagination, and it ends in the modern day—in a world Beauty finds more mysterious than any fairy tale. Tune in Friday, April 25, at 8:30 pm CT.

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North Dakota is on Antiques Roadshow’s 2014 tour!

Pledge your support for great programming like Antiques Roadshow, and we will thank you with tickets to the May 31 Bismarck event and a May 30 meet and greet reception!


We are in your community

Prairie Public is in your community, celebrating the joy of lifelong learning. If you see us in your town, stop to say hello! Peruse our schedule of events here, and check back for updates often.

Erling RolfsrudTelevision has ‘grown up’ with Prairie Public! Learn more about your public media station’s history and join us in celebrating 50 years of media that matters. It’s all thanks to you!


Writers Contest

Thank you for writing your stories for the 2014 PBS Kids Go Writers Contest! We cannot wait to read them! Look here later for information about your certificates of participation and stories that will advance to the national level.



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