The Chancellor of the North Dakota University System floated an idea to get state Board of Higher Education members more involved in the evaluation of the college presidents. Get the story from the Prairie Public NewsRoom.

It’s a perfect pairing!

Tune in for Planet Money and How I Built This at 3pm CT on Sundays beginning October 8. Travel with Rick Steves, usually in this time slot, is moving to Wednesdays at 8pm CT.

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Music, food, traditions, comedy, humanity, and the season’s quiet majesty. Let Prairie Public provide the backdrop for your holidays with our schedule of radio specials.

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Millions of Americans served in World War I — soldiers, sailors, nurses — and many at home provided support, suffered scarcities, and grieved for loved ones lost. The United States entered the Great War 100 years ago on April 6. We’re commemorating this anniversary with Dakota Datebook Stories: The Great War—stories from North Dakota thanks to historian Jim Davis and other Dakota Datebook writers.

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