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  • Helping our Bees ~ Flying Squirrels ~ Chef Rosey on Flour

    Thursday, April 28 – Dr. Marla Spivak is an entomologist and Distinguished McKnight University Professor at the University of Minnesota. She’s this year’s featured speaker for the Annual Community Lecture organized by The College of Science and Mathematics at NDSU. Her topic is “Pollinators in Peril: Helping Our Bees Back on their Own Six Feet.” ~~~ […]

  • Immigrant Trains

    The first Great Dakota Boom took place during the 1880s, when towns sprang up almost overnight. One pioneer wrote, “Language cannot exaggerate the rapidity with which these communities are built up. You may stand ankle deep in the short grass of the uninhabited wilderness; next month mixed trains will glide over the waste and stop […]

  • Institute for Human Education ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Native American Rights Fund

    Wednesday, April 27 – Zoe Weil, a popular speaker, is the co-founder and president of the Institute for Human Education.  She sees a need to shift our approach to education. Her new book is titled “The World Becomes What We Teach.” ~~~ It’s graduation season. Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay called “Commencement.” ~~~ The […]

  • Mosasaurs

    Today we’re bringing you a glimpse of what our state was like before humans came. On this date, 75 million years ago, the area around Cooperstown was under salt water. Actually, a shallow, sub-tropical sea covered almost the entire state. The Pierre Sea was part of the Western Interior Seaway, which divided the North American […]

  • Opioid Addiction ~ National Renewable Energy Lab ~ Civil War Documentary ~ Natural North Dakota

    Tuesday, April 26 – Mark Hardy, executive director of the North Dakota Board of Pharmacy, joins us to discuss several issues facing pharmacists and their customers, including the opioid crisis and drug recycling. ~~~ Inside Energy’s Dan Boyce speaks with Martin Keller, the new head of the National Renewable Energy Lab. ~~~ Darrell Dorgan joins […]

  • Send your version to Morning Edition

    Morning Edition is calling on listeners to create their own versions of the show’s theme song. Pick your genre: rock, hip-hop, R&B, country, even EDM, then send it in for radio airplay!

  • John Fraine’s Enlistment

    John Fraine was the tenth Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota and he also served in the North Dakota House, and one contribution he made to the state that’s still familiar today is the state flag, which he introduced to the legislature in 1911. But Fraine also served in the military. It was on this date […]

  • North Dakota Film Showcase ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ ND Quarterly Review ~ Kid Writing Stories

    Monday, April 25 – A North Dakota Film Showcase and Festival is in the works. It’s part of NDstrong, a Minot based non-profit looking to foster the arts in North Dakota by promote filmmaking and connecting people interested in film, including actors, directors, photographers, sketch artists, 3D designers, and animators. ~~~ Former NDSU Extension horticulturist […]

  • Kensal Incorporates

    The story of Kensal, North Dakota starts with two homesteading shacks in the middle of the prairie, about 30 miles north of Jamestown. Like many other towns in North Dakota, it grew up along a rail line in the early 1890s. A train station was built near the two shacks 1892. One of those shacks […]

  • Joe Chiang ~ Inside Energy ~ Kosher Coca Cola ~ News Discussion ~ The Jungle Book

    Friday, April 22 – Joe Chiang is a candidate for the Department of Public Instruction. He sought support at the recent North Dakota Republic convention and gave incumbent Kirsten Baesler a good challenge. He joins us to explain why he thinks a change is needed at the department. ~~~ On this Earth Day, Inside Energy […]

  • National Park Service Centennial

    Some of you may have heard the news that 2016 is the National Park Service Centennial.  There will certainly be celebrations and a variety of news items about the centennial, promotional materials, and the like.  No doubt there will also be announcements encouraging us to visit a National Park during the centennial year. It literally […]

  • Harrison A. Bronson

    Diversity defined Harrison A. Bronson’s working life, which brought him to law offices, a bank, a seminary, the state mill and the North Dakota Supreme Court. Bronson was born in 1873 in Michigan. He came to North Dakota for higher education and studied at the University of North Dakota. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts […]

  • “The Sweet New” ~ Remembering Prince ~ Chef Rosey on Jelly Beans

    Thursday, April 21 – “The Sweet New” is a new play by Raymond Rea, filmmaker, playwright and associate professor of film at Minnesota State University Moorhead. The play follows three generations of family members as they immigrate to America, assimilate into American culture and transition to another gender. Also joining us is the director, Darcy […]

  • Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America

              WATCH FOR THIS NEW PROJECT….COMING IN SUMMER 2016.         Chasing the Dream: Poverty and Opportunity in America is a multi-platform public media initiative that provides a deeper understanding of the impact of poverty on American society. Major funding for this initiative is provided by The JPB Foundation. Additional funding is provided […]

  • Pioneer Priest

    When Dakota Territory became North and South Dakota in 1889, the Catholic Church split the Vicariate of Dakota into two dioceses, Sioux Falls and Jamestown.  In 1899, Father Vincent Wehrle and a few monks began monastic life at Richardton, North Dakota.  The new monastery was called St. Mary’s Priory.  By 1900, the Priory had added […]

  • Project Unpack: Telling Stories, Creating Community ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Wednesday, April 20 – Prairie Public is working in collaboration with NDSU on Project Unpack, an effort to establish an ongoing oral history archive that features veterans and their families. Joining us from NDSU are Michael Strand and Christina Weber. ~~~ When it comes to our electric bills, it’s not just based on how much […]

  • McKenzie County

    The largest and one of the last counties to organize in North Dakota did so on this date in 1905. McKenzie County was created in 1883 by the territorial legislature, but the legislature eliminated the county in 1891 due to its lack of settlement, but recreated the county in 1905. The county was named for […]

  • The Burglar and the Pawsome Kitty


  • Creature Powers


  • My Two Little Eyes