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  • Dakota Access Pipeline ~ Chair of the NEA ~ National Park System Centennial ~ Horseradish

    Thursday, August 25 – Inside Energy is following the court hearing concerning the Dakota Access Pipeline, an oil project facing opposition by many American Indians. Amy Sisk reports. ~~~ Dr. Jane Chu is the chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. She’s visiting the state for several town hall meetings on the state of the […]

  • Land Rush

    The town of Plaza, North Dakota was founded in 1906.  The town grew quickly, and businessmen in the town wanted to purchase nearby land on the Berthold Indian Reservation.  They reasoned that with the bison gone, the Indians did not need large expanses of land for hunting.  There were many thousands of acres on the […]

  • Dakota Access Pipeline ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Genealogy Workshop ~ Solar Energy

    Wednesday, August 24 – A judge is expected to rule soon on a court hearing blocking construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline hearing. Linda Black Elk is an ethnobotanist, restoration ecologist, and instructor at Sitting Bull College in Fort Yates, North Dakota. She’s been fighting the pipeline, which protestors say threatens the water supply of the […]

  • Animal Personalities

    I recently read an interesting article in the journal Science on personalities.  People have different personalities.  But what about other animals?  Birds?  Reptiles?  Spiders?  Are there some type A fish?  Personality differences are hard to study and quantify.  But interest and research on the subject is increasing, and as we learn more about personalities, it […]

  • Horseradish

    I am already starting to think of deer season.  If all goes well, I will have some venison sausage and a little horseradish to go along with it.  The reason for these thoughts is because I recently saw some horseradish growing in a road ditch. Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is not a North Dakota native, but […]

  • Resignation Rumors

    In late summer of 1921, there was a great deal of contention surrounding North Dakota’s political situation.  It was rumored that Governor Lynn Frazier was about to resign before a recall election could take place.  On this date in ‘21, Frazier declared that the rumors were “an invention pure and simple.”  He called such talk […]

  • Student Research on Diabetes ~ Sioux Chef Sean Sherman ~ Productive Rest

    Tuesday, August 23 – Indigenous populations of the US and Canada tend to suffer from diabetes more than white people. Leah Bercier spent her summer at UND studying some of the factors contributing to this. She spoke with Ashley Thornberg about her research findings. ~~~  Sean Sherman calls himself the Sioux Chef. The Minnesota-based Native […]

  • Dogtooth and Smoke

    In 1909, a Mandan Pioneer article read, “Hurrah for Dogtooth, it has a great outlook for a thriving metropolis…” These days, there’s nothing left but a grassy knoll. Dogtooth was the third stagecoach station on the 1876 trail between Bismarck and Deadwood. It was given its name because a nearby range of sandstone buttes were […]

  • Wine Discussion with Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Red River Radio Amateurs ~ Oil Pipeline Safety

    Monday, August 22 – Ron Smith is our go-to guy for lawn and garden questions. Turns out, he knows a lot about wine, too. He shares the history and horticulture of wine. ~~~ In bad weather conditions, amateur ‘ham’ radio operators can fill an important role supporting the media. We’ll hear about this helpful hobby […]

  • Historic Sites Act of 1935

    Fifty years ago the National Historic Preservation Act was created to help preserve the diverse archaeological and architectural treasures of America. Approved in October of 1966, the National Historic Preservation Act was important in that it provided for the preservation of significant historical features through a grant-in-aid program to the States.  It also established a […]

  • Dakota Access Pipeline ~ Chuck Suchy ~ Natural North Dakota ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ News Discussion

    Friday, August 19 – There’s a growing protest surrounding the Dakota Access pipeline construction. Inside Energy’s Amy Sisk was there and joins us with more. ~~~ The musical Suchy Family hosts its annual Suchy fest this weekend in Mandan. Prairie Public’s Scott Prebys chats with Chuck Suchy.  ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, Chuck […]

  • Native Winnebago Drawing

    This was not a case of a treasure hiding-in-plain-sight. It was more a case of even-a-blind-hog-finds-an-acorn-once-in-a-while.   Honestly, I’m not sure how I stumbled upon this marvelous pictograph in the online catalog of the Smithsonian Institution. I must have been lost—like this document was for so many years, because it was mis-identified on intake, sometime […]

  • Men such as These

    We live in an era when male role models are muddled. At the same time popular culture sets aside old ideals of masculinity, we fret about the confusion this creates for boys. Boys seem to be falling behind in school and having trouble moving confidently into life as men.   If we go looking for […]

  • Hebron Brick

    In the early years of white settlement in North Dakota, there was a severe shortage of building materials, which is why many people made their homes from prairie sod. In some areas of the state, however, a good grade of clay was discovered, and within a few years, at least 18 brick factories sprung up. […]

  • Styled by a Child Fundraiser ~ UND Bus Tour ~ Maple Syrup

    Thursday, August 18 –  ND Women’s Network  is raising money with an effort called Styled by a Child, where adults get a makeover from a kid. We visit with organizers Renee Stromme and Katie Aitchison.  ~~~ UND is hosting its annual bus tour of the state for new faculty. Prairie Public’s John Corley visits with UND […]

  • Dean Kutz, Jockey Extraordinaire

    Today is the birthday of a North Dakota hero who is largely unknown here at home. Born in 1958, Dean Kutz grew up in Carrington and went on to become one of the finest jockeys in America, with more than 2,800 career victories. As a child, Kutz suffered frostbite that left his fingers disfigured. The […]

  • Panda Babies: Mission Critical ~ Reclaimed Wood ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ “Correct” English

    Wednesday, August 17 – Nat Geo WILD’s Mission Critical is a new monthly program featuring powerful stories of the most incredible and endangered animals on our planet. The inaugural episode focuses on pandas. We visit with National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale about her work photographing pandas.   ~~~ Harvest Public Media looks at the pros and cons of using […]

  • New in the radio schedule

    Tune in Saturdays at 3pm CT as The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick, presents a weekly mix of in-depth interviews, profiles, and short bursts of humor.

  • Show your support

    Enjoy a concert with Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson—“the Mt. Rushmore of country music”—on August 23 at 8:30 pm CT. Then, pledge to show your support for the programs you appreciate!

  • Buck Cleven, Bomber Pilot

    Gale “Buck” Cleven was born on a homestead near Lemmon, South Dakota, along the Grand River.  From there, Buck and his family moved to Wyoming. After Cleven finished High School and several years at the University of Wyoming, he decided to join the Army Air Force and was a bomber pilot when the US entered […]