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  • Sex and Violence From an Evolutionary Perspective ~ Governor Doug Burgum ~ News Chat ~ Matt Reviews “Elle” and “Batman”

    Friday, February 17 – Brian Wisenden is chair of the Biosciences Department at Minnesota State University Moorhead. Today he reprises for us his recent Science Cafe presentation titled “Sex and Violence: Understanding behavior of the human animal from an evolutionary perspective.” ~~~ Via our studio in Fargo today, Governor Doug Burgum appeared on NPR’s “Hear & […]

  • The 16th Amendment

    The Industrial Revolution began in the middle of the 18th Century and swept the world like a storm. Following a time when human and animal labor were the main sources of production, inventions like the steam engine and electricity improved the living conditions of many people. However, these improvements did not come without cost. As […]

  • North Dakota Navy Ships ~ Chef Rosey on Basil

    Thursday, February 16 – Quite a number of US Navy ships have been named for people and places connected to North Dakota, and that’s the subject of a “Sensational Sundays” presentation coming up this Sunday at the North Dakota heritage Center in Bismarck.  Here to preview his presentation is Bob Wefald, a retired captain in […]

  • Deep Waterway

    The Deep Waterway Association annual conventions were well attended by influential politicians and businessmen.  In 1903, a highlight was a letter read to the convention from railroad tycoon James J. Hill.  In 1907, the keynote speaker was Teddy Roosevelt.  The main interest was improving water access from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. […]

  • Flowers of the Church: Minnesota’s Stained Glass Heritage

    Artisans through the ages have used stained glass to tell stories of hope, reverence, and joy. Flowers of the Church: Minnesota’s Stained Glass Heritage explores these kaleidoscopes of life in Minnesota’s municipal buildings, homes, cathedrals, and country churches, including St Benedict Catholic Church, Avon, MN; St John Abbey Church, Collegeville, MN; St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, St Joseph, MN; […]

  • Using Data for City Planning ~ Student Debt and Small Farms ~ NPR’s LuLu Garcia Navarro ~ Capt. Annie Gerhardt

    Wednesday, February 15 – The What Works Cities initiative is an effort to use data and statistical analysis to improve city functions. Fargo is one of 63 cities participating, with more expected to join. It sounds a bit like baseball’s cyber metrics, but here with a more thoughtful explanation is Fargo community development administrator Dan […]

  • Big Dogs and Deep Pockets

    A year ago I had a group of my research students going deep into the records of the Cass County District Court, records conveniently lodged in North Dakota State University Archives. They investigated every case where a citizen brought suit against one of the region’s great railroad corporations, the Northern Pacific or the Great Northern. […]

  • The Story of William Small

    When William Small, in July of 1921, hopped a Great Northern freight train in Davenport and rode it into Casselton, he was just one of tens of thousands of transient laborers arriving to work the spring wheat harvest in North Dakota. Railroad detectives let them ride when their labor was needed, then prodded them out […]

  • Pierre Shale

    I have a couple of fist-sized rocks in my office.  They are a deep muddy brown to gray color, and upon closer observation, it becomes clear that they are loaded with small clamshells about the size of your little fingernail.  These rocks are pieces of Pierre Shale, and were collected many years ago along the […]

  • Self Defense

    On this date in 1901 the Oakes Republican reported that Coroner T.W. Millham and Sheriff Thompson had been summoned to investigate the death of Charles Brucker.  The first report was that Brucker had been killed when his wife shot him with a shotgun.  Mrs. Brucker was the daughter of Ferdinand Kosanke, a prominent member in […]

  • American Bison: A Survival Story ~ Tom Isern Essay ~ Beef Checkoff Concerns

    Tuesday, February 14 – Susan Ricci, the director of the Museum of the American Bison in South Dakota visits with Cara Hetland of South Dakota Public Radio. She reprises a recent presentation called “American Bison: A Survival Story.” ~~~ Continuing with a historical theme, NDSU professor Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay called “The […]

  • Journeys through Justice

    This new radio series produced by Meg Luther Lindholm looks at how the criminal justice system works and how it might work better. Listen for it this spring during Morning Edition and All Things Considered, or find the stories archived in Prairie Public’s NewsRoom at news.prairiepublic.org.

  • Painted Woods

    Here is a love story for Valentine’s Day. The Painted Woods sits south of Washburn, and is hailed as a beautiful place. However, few people know why it was called Painted Woods in the first place. Well, the name comes from a North Dakotan love story over 300 years old. The Yanktonai Dakota and Mandan […]

  • Journalist Jenni Money on Covering DAPL ~ The North Dakota Food Freedom Act

    Monday, February 13 – Journalist Jenni Monet is covering the Dakota Access pipeline protest for the Center for Investigative Reporting, Indian Country Media Network, PBS Newshour, and High Country News. She joins us with the latest from the site, including getting caught up in a recent police raid. ~~~ Illegal immigration… refugee resettlement… the lagging […]

  • Prairie Mosaic

    A patchwork of stories about the people and places that contribute to the arts, culture, and history of our region. Monday, March 27 at 9:00 pm ALL NEW A look at the art of Annie Stein, painter in the late 1800’s from Georgetown, MN; information that can be found at the Archives of Historic and Cultural Society […]

  • Medina Shootout

    On this date in 1983, there was a shootout between Federal Marshals, Gordon Kahl and other members of the Posse Comitatus on a road east of Medina, North Dakota. Kahl was born in 1920, the oldest of five kids. He is described as being musical, loving to hunt, a practical joker and an excellent mechanic. […]

  • 100 Episodes of “WHY?” ~ News Chat with Dave Thompson ~ Matt Olien Reviews “Lion”

    Friday, February 10 – This weekend we’ll be airing the 100th episode of “WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life.” Ashley Thornberg visits with host Jack Russell Weinstein and they share an excerpt from Sunday’s show that features Ms. Magazine co-founder Gloria Steinem, and the magazine’s first editor, Suzanne Braun Levine. (The portion of the WHY […]

  • Flowers of the Church: Minnesota’s Stained Glass Heritage

    Don’t fret if you missed the television premiere of this new Prairie Public Original. You can watch it online.

  • Lynn Anderson

    It was this month in 1971 that country singer Lynn Anderson’s Rose Garden went gold. Bios on Lynn Anderson usually say, “Born in Grand Forks, ND, September 26th, 1947, raised in Sacramento, California.”  Leading the way for Lynn’s career was her mother Liz. Liz had a great talent for writing songs. Her husband encouraged her, […]

  • Joyologist Jodi Rae Ingstad ~ Chef Rosey on Olives

    Thursday, February 9 – Jodi Rae Ingstad is “joyologist.” She spreads kindness and joy at the Griggs County Care Center, a long-term care facility in Cooperstown. She’s also organized efforts to feed the hungry. She recently won $100,000 from the KIND foundation and she plans to use the money to foster young children. ~~~ Bruce […]