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  • Red Scare at the College

    Charges of Communist activity at North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo surfaced in the spring of 1935.  In an address to the Fargo Kiwanis Club, attorney Eli Weston accused groups at the school of demonstrating “all the earmarks and resemblances of communism.”  He said a recent local strike was controlled by communists, and faculty members […]

  • “North Dakota Barn Project” ~ Banking on the Bakken

    Wednesday, May 27 – Merrill Piepkorn and Lauren Donovan join us to discuss the North Dakota Barn Project, a multi media collaboration inspired by barn dances. ~~~ A story on local foods from Harvest Public Media. ~~~ The Minneapolis Federal Reserve held a two-day conference in Dickinson last week featuring academics and research concerning the […]

  • Prairie Mosaic

    Tune in June 29 at 9 pm CT to watch graffiti artists Paul Ide and Micha at work on the television set for Prairie Musicians, meet North Dakota’s 2015 state Poetry Out Loud winner J’Kobe Wallace, learn about the 5th Earl of Selkirk, and listen to music by Reina Del Cid.

  • The Last Man

    In May, 1865, one hundred fifty thousand Union soldiers passed in review following the Civil War.  After the Washington, D.C. parade, most of them mustered out, returning to civilian life.  But they were not about to forget their service, or their fallen comrades.  They formed the Grand Army of the Republic, known as the “G.A.R.” […]

  • Have you tried NPR One?

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  • Cmdr. Michael Hollenbach ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ “Stuffocation” author James Wallman

    Tuesday, May 26 – Meet the new commander of the USS North Dakota, Michael Hollenbach. Also joining us is former naval officer Bob Wefald, chair of the USS North Dakota Committee. ~~~ Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith answers lawn and garden questions. ~~~ James Wallman has written “Stuffocation: Why We’ve Had Enough of Stuff […]

  • Author Merry Helm: “Prairie Boys at War” ~ Betty Medsger on “The Burglary”

    Monday, May 25 – On this Memorial Day, a look book at a book examining the lives of soldiers in the “forgotten war.” Author Merry Helm is writing a three-part series on the soldiers of the northern plains, and their involvement in Korea. We visited with Helm when Prairie Boys at War: Korea – Volume […]

  • Norma Egstrom

    Today is the birthday of Norma Egstrom, who was the seventh of eight children born into a Jamestown Scandinavian family in 1920. Her father worked for the Midland Continental Railroad. She had a good voice and excelled in choir, so after graduating from Wimbledon High School in 1938, she headed for California; she had only […]

  • Memorial Day in Jamestown

    Originally, Memorial Day was a known as Decoration Day, a day that the graves of those who died on the battlefields of the War of the Rebellion were decorated with flowers.  In 1882, in Jamestown, there were no soldiers’ graves to decorate.  Dakota Territory was far away from the bloodied battlefields where thousands of Union […]

  • Minot State Summer Theatre Turns 50! ~ A Debut Essay from Jessica Runck ~ News Chat ~ Review: “The Hunting Ground”

    Friday, May 22 – Kevin Neuharth is the director of theatre at Minot State, and he’s here to tell us about their summer theatre program, which is celebrating 50 years! ~~~ Wimbledon, North Dakota native Jessica Runck has been living in Los Angeles as a writer and actress, and her columns about her experiences appear in Forum […]

  • Canada Anemone

    North Dakota is home to somewhere around thirty species of the Buttercup Family.  The family includes buttercups, larkspurs, columbine, crowfoots, and meadowrues.  There are also a half dozen species of anemones such as pasque flower, thimbleflower, and wood anemone.  But it is the meadow or Canada anemone (Anemone canadensis) that has been catching my attention […]

  • Wood Ticks

    If you’ve been spending any time in the woods or grasslands lately you’ve probably picked up some wood ticks.  Along with mosquitoes they’re often viewed as the scourge of spring and summer outdoors.  Looking at ticks a little more biologically, however, they’re just another species trying to eek out an existence, and they appear to […]

  • Return to Heart River

    It’s pretty clear how they came in, once you get on the ground. Standing in the flat cupped into the north side of Heart River, you look east and see the spur offering a gentle descent from the ridge east and south of the river. Thence west along the south bank to where a draw […]

  • Johnsrud Paleontology Laboratory

    Today’s story has its roots—so to speak—in the subtropics that covered most of North Dakota 60-million years ago.  It was the Paleocene Epoch, during which time palm trees, redwood trees, sycamores, magnolia and bald cypress trees provided habitat for turtles, crocodiles, champsosaurs, alligators and many other exotic animals.   Fast-forward to modern-day North Dakota. For […]

  • ND Parks Celebrate 50 Years ~ “Important Voices” of ND Women in Politics ~ Chef Rosey on Fennel

    Thursday, May 21 – The North Dakota State Park system celebrates 50 years this summer. Here to tell us more is Mark Zimmerman, director, ND Parks and Recreation. ~~~ Susan Wefald is John Harris’s guest in this week’s Prairie Pulse television show. Susan will talk about her book “Important Voices: North Dakota’s Women Elected State Officials […]

  • Minot Zoo

    In 1920, the Minot Parks Board was laboring to establish tourism and park services throughout Minot. The effort was paying off, as the Ward County Independent boasted that “Minot, although a city of less than 15,000 people, is well in the lead in the state on account of the size and beautify of the park […]

  • NY Kammermusiker ~ The Electrical Grid ~ Essay: “Heart River Corral” ~ “Finding Your Home’s History” ~ Feature: “Stud Dames”

    Wednesday, May 20 – The New York Kammermusiker double reed ensemble has an ambitious schedule for the 9th annual “North Dakota Winds of Change Festival.” It even includes some Ukrainian art and poetry! Here with a preview of this year’s performances around the state is the founder and conductor for the group, Ilonna Pederson. ~~~ […]

  • A Self-made Man

    The namesake of Fargo, North Dakota was born on this date in 1818 in Pompey, New York.  William Fargo quit school at the age of thirteen, working as a store clerk, a mail carrier, and a baker.  In 1844, he helped establish the nation’s first express mail service. In 1850, three such firms consolidated to […]

  • UND Aerobatics Team ~ “March Against Monsanto” ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Tuesday, May 19 – Ashley Thornberg is taken for the ride of her life as she profiles UND’s champion aerobatics team. ~~~ Sadie Velasco of Dickinson is here to tell us about the March Against Monsanto, scheduled for this Saturday at the Capitol in Bismarck. It’s one of many such marches taking place nationwide. ~~~ […]

  • Television Membership Drive

    Tune in, then become a member or renew your membership to support the programs you love! 29 FRIDAY 7:00 Washington Week with Gwen Ifill 7:30 Prairie Pulse Author Amy Watkin 8:00 Moments to Remember: My Music 30 SATURDAY 9:00 am Wheat Belly Total Health with William Davis, MD 10:30 Aging Backwards with Miranda Esmonde-White 11:30 […]