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  • Author Brian Hicks: “Sea of Darkness” ~ NPR’s John Ydstie ~ Williston Jobs Fair Story

    Tuesday, March 31 – Brian Hicks has written “Sea of Darkness: Unraveling the Mysteries of the HL Hunley.” His story, which reads like an adventure novel, tells the story of the Confederate submarine HL Hunley, twenty years after its discovery in the waters off Charleston. ~~~ NPR’s John Ydstie was recently in Minnesota to host the […]

  • W.H. Brown and His Civil War Service Reminiscences

    When the Civil War ripped the U.S. in two in 1861, William H. Brown was working in a hardware store in Massachusetts.  He immediately enlisted in the 10th Massachusetts Regiment, joining 1,000 other “strong, young business men,” who gave up their usual pay of one-hundred-dollars a month for the paltry $11-per-month of a soldier. W.H. […]

  • David Myers on the Interfaith Movement ~ Oil Worker Job Security ~ Meet a Curbside Counselor

    Monday, March 30 – David Myers, program director for the Center for Interfaith Projects, joins us to discuss the interfaith movement and the meaning of pluralism. ~~~ “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” by Siddhartha Mukherjee, is the basis for a new Ken Burns documentary airing tonight on PBS. Today we share […]

  • Tune in Tuesdays at 7 pm CT

    Witness groundbreaking fetal surgery in Twice Born: Stories from the Special Delivery Unit, a three-part documentary that follows doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, where rare surgeries are performed on babies inside the womb.

  • Prairie Public is Golden

    Get to know Prairie Public! Peruse our annual report here.

  • Wustner’s Oil

    On this date in 1909, Joe Wustner of Ryder proved it wasn’t impossible to turn water into oil. Actually, oil had been in Wustner’s 28-foot water well for more than two years before people started to pay attention. Wustner knew it was there, so he only used the water for livestock, and he burned the […]

  • Our Monthly Editors’ Rountable for March

    Friday, March 27 – Our Monthly Editors’ Roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and special guests, Jack Zaleski of the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, and Steve Andrist, executive director of the ND Newspaper Assn.

  • Grouse Drumming and Dancing

    As many of you know, some of the best animal shows of the year are not found at SeaWorld or Barnum and Baileys Circus, but right here in North Dakota.  There are few shows that can match the sights and sounds of male grouse strutting their stuff for the ladies.  If it hasn’t started already […]

  • Wire that Fenced the West

    Too good a bargain to pass up, was my thought when I spotted a copy of The Wire that Fenced the West priced at five dollars in a used bookstore. I bought the book, a minor classic by Henry D. and Frances McCallum (University of Oklahoma Press, 1965).   McCallum was a petroleum geologist for […]

  • Col. Lounsberry’s Civil War Service

    By 1864, the Union army under General Ulysses S. Grant had been forced to abandon their plans to capture the Confederate capital of Richmond, VA by direct assault. But 25 miles south of Richmond lay Petersburg, an important supply center to the capital city. Boasting several railroad lines and key roads, both Grant and Confederate […]

  • On Location at UND Writers’ Conference ~ NPR’s John Ydstie

    Thursday, March 26 – Doug is on location at the UND Writers’ Conference where we visit with UND English professor Crystal Alberts and visiting writers Carol Muske-Dukes and Gish Jen. ~~~ Ashley visits with John Ydstie, North Dakota native, Concordia alum, and a regular on NPR news programs. He’s here to attend Concordia’s 10th annual […]

  • A Conversation with NPR’s John Ydstie

    Here’s our full conversation with Washington D.C. based reporter John Ydstie, who is hosting the National Book Awards conversation at Concordia College in Moorhead. He stopped by Prairie Public to discuss the awards and his long journey from Wolford, ND to Washington D.C. with stops in Kuwait, London and the U.S.S.R. along the way.  In the conversation, […]

  • Gerrymandering

    Gerrymandering is a practice by which a political party attempts to manipulate voting district boundaries for political advantage.  The party in power has control of the process, so the party out of power regularly accuses the other of gerrymandering. The term was coined on this date in 1812.  It appeared in a political cartoon in […]

  • Dennis Schmitz, MonDaks Safety Network ~ “Kingsman” Review ~ Chef Rosey on Ham

    Wednesday, March 25 – The MonDaks Safety Network is a volunteer non-profit organization that seeks to promote safety within the oil and gas industry. It’s currently working with state and federal agencies in an alliance to work on critical issues. They met just yesterday, and here to tell us more about the effort is Dennis Schmitz, […]

  • William H. Brown

    William H. Brown was very involved with land matters in the development of North Dakota. Among other jobs, Brown established The William H. Brown Land Company, one of the largest such companies west of the Missouri River. He also platted and founded several townsites, including Flasher, Haynes, and, in 1904, Mott.   In March of […]

  • Bail Hearing Rights ~ “A Path Appears” ~ “Friendly Grandparent Syndrome” ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Tuesday, March 24 – Should indigent defendants be provided with an attorney for initial bail hearings? A new report from The Constitution Project says providing legal assistance is not only essential to fairness and due process, it would also save taxpayer money. Joining us for a discussion of the issue is defense attorney Monty Mertz. ~~~ […]

  • Mary Robison

    The melting pot that is America has welcomed many settlers over the centuries.  Each individual bore with them some small impact, some talent or knowledge or even personality that affected the fabric of today. One such woman, Mary Robison, came to the United States when she was in her late teens.  She was married, but […]

  • Writer David Bjerklie ~ “Explorasaurus ABCs”

    Monday, March 23 – David Bjerklie grew up in Minot, studied biology and anthropology at UND, and since 1984 has been a science writer and editor for Time, Inc. He’ll be speaking in Grand Forks tomorrow about the profound questions children ask about science. His presentation is part of the annual UND Hagerty Lecture Series, named […]

  • When John Philip Sousa marched Into Grand Forks

    ‘Sousa is coming to town,’ were the magical words heard in Grand Forks back in the year 1899, when the “March King” came to the Metropolitan Theater, most fittingly, in the month of March. John Philip Sousa was famous internationally for the “stirring rhythm” and “irresistible” musicality of his greatest compositions – The Stars and […]

  • Fiddle Festival ~ News Chat ~ Oil and Medicare News ~ Movie Review

    Friday, March 20 – John Lardinois, “Fiddling Johnny,” is visiting Bismarck for the Arthur A. Link Fiddle Festival. He and the Frog Holler String Band will be performing at a free concert Saturday at the North Dakota heritage Center. Also joining us is festival chair Karen daSilva. ~~~ With oil prices falling, the industry is […]