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  • Wicker Kittens ~ Inside Energy ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Chef Rosey: Popcorn

    Thursday, March 5 – Moorhead native Mike Scholtz is back in the area for the Fargo Film Festival, which is showing his new documentary, “Wicker Kittens.” The film follows a team of competitive jigsaw puzzlers at a St. Paul jigsaw contest – one of the largest such contests in the country. ~~~ Solar power could […]

  • The Norwegian-American Summer Religion School

    From the 1870s through the 1930s many Norwegian-American Lutheran congregations held summer schools for religious education. They were called RELIGIONSKOLER [reh-lih-ggeh-oon-skoh-ler], religion schools, parochial schools or Norse schools. One, two or three congregations would participate in running these schools from four to six weeks. At first, professional teachers from Norway taught, then Lutheran seminary students. […]

  • It Follows ~ Ron Smith Gardening Q and A ~ Looking for Weather Volunteers

    Wednesday, March 4 – Jeff Schlossman and Erik Rommesmo are two of the people behind the new hit horror film “It Follows,” an independent horror film with North Dakota roots. It’s gotten rave reviews and will be distributed later this spring, but in the meantime it’s featured this week at the Fargo Film Festival. ~~~ Dreaming […]

  • Diamond Willow

    Most people are familiar with diamond willow.  Some nice waking sticks, picture frames, and other items can be made from this colorful wood.  But there seems to be some confusion as to what it is.  Occasionally someone will ask me if diamond willow is a species or whether it comes from a diseased tree. We […]

  • Endangered Soils?

    The first rule of intelligent tinkering is “Keep all the parts!”  I was thinking about that recently when I read an article in the journal Science about how some soil scientists are discussing how to manage rare soils.  When it comes to natural resource management we occasionally hear about threatened and endangered species and their […]

  • Counting Coup

    We call him Kippy the Keystone Bear. He’s a big thing. He stands back on the alley west of Highway 3 in Dawson, North Dakota. I can’t see how I’ve missed him before, because like I said, he’s a big thing—meaning a roadside monstrosity intended to attract custom. He stands about fourteen feet tall. He’s […]

  • Hypnotist McEwen

    A traveling hypnotist came to Grand Forks in March of 1897 and mesmerized his audiences night after night in seven performances. The hypnotist, known as the “Great McEwen” or as “Professor McEwen,” had a wonderful stage show in which he entertained large audiences with startling feats of mind control and suggestion, all done with care […]

  • Ryan Taylor ~ Great Energy Challenge ~ Tom Brosseau’s New Album

    Tuesday, March 3 – Ryan Taylor, former state senator, has made a study of Norway’s oil and gas industry and related public policy as part of a Bush Fellowship. He’s currently making presentations on the topic and he’ll be returning to Norway later this year. ~~~ Country of Origin labeling of meat products has spawned […]

  • Ric Springfield!

    Tune in March 4 at 8:30 pm or March 7 at 7 pm CT to support your favorite public television station, and we can thank you with tickets to Springfield concerts and meet/greets at the Fargo Theatre on May 7 and the Belle Mehus Auditorium in Bismarck on May 8.

  • Norwegian-American North Dakota Ladies Aid Societies

    Beginning in the 1870s, many Norwegian immigrants established Lutheran congregations in North Dakota. Only the men voted and managed those congregations. The women were organized by the pastors into the women’s society – in Norwegian called the KVINDEFORENING. [kvin-eh-for-eh-ning]. By the 1930s it was renamed the Ladies’ Aid Society. In some places the women organized […]

  • “Man Camp Dialogues” ~ Lynn Helms on New Refineries ~ Souris River Board ~ The TED Radio Hour

    Monday, March 2 – The Man Camp Dialogues is a series of free public forums about the North Dakota Man Camp Project, a two-year study on the temporary housing systems that have sprung up throughout western North Dakota. Here to tell us about these upcoming events in the state are William Caraher, UND History Department, […]

  • Jon Norstog, A Prolific Writer

    Once, the most prolific writer in the Norwegian language lived in North Dakota. He was Jon Norstog [norՙ-stogg], born in Telemark [tehՙ-leh-mark], Norway, in 1877. He disliked farm work, and would rather hunt, dream and write. At a church academy Jon deepened his faith and learned the common idiomatic language of Norway, while also mastering […]

  • Our February Editors’ Roundtable

    Friday, February 27 – It’s our monthly Editors’ Roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and special guests, Jeff Beach of the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, and Harvey Brock, publisher of the Dickinson Press.

  • Television Membership Drive Specials

    Become a member or renew your membership to show your support for the programs you love. 1 SUNDAY 1:00 A Farm Winter with Jerry Apps 2:30 Healing ADD with Dr. Daniel Amen, MD and Tana Amen, RN 4:30 The Bee Gees: One Night Only 6:00 Lawrence Welk’s TV Treasures 8:00 Masterpiece Classic Downton Abbey, Season […]

  • Exciting New Programs!

    Tune in during the spring television membership drive for new and favorite programs that will remind you why you love public television. Then, become a member!

  • On Location at the Capitol

    Thursday, February 26 – It’s Public Media Day at the state Capitol. Doug Hamilton is on location for interviews in the Great Hall. Among his guests, Governor Jack Dalrymple, and Lynn Helms, the director for the Department of Natural Resources.

  • Schools at War

    As the United States entered World War II, everyone on the home front was called upon to help. The Schools at War program was organized on September 25, 1942, by the War Savings Staff of the Treasury Department and the U.S. Office of Education. The program was set up to garner the interest and participation […]

  • Dylanfest Coming to Fargo ~ Oil News ~ Chef Rosey on Bacon

    Wednesday, February 25 – We discuss the music of Bob Dylan with Merrill Piepkorn and Sally Story as we preview the upcoming Fargo Dylanfest. ~~~ Part two of our Inside Energy report on the problem of produced water, a byproduct of fracking. ~~~ Oil companies in North Dakota are looking for the fastest and cheapest […]

  • Great Horned Owls

    Although winter is not even over yet, some of you may be surprised to learn that there are likely some birds already nesting near you.  Owls in general and great horned owls in particular are known for nesting early and spending an unusually long time hatching and rearing their young. Over much of North America […]

  • Studebaker

    In 1916, a very special car was turning heads: a Studebaker gold chassis. The car was constructed with more than 250 ounces of pure gold. It was built at a cost of more than $25,000 dollars. The car proved a sensation at the New York automobile show in January of 1916.   News of the […]