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  • First Lutheran Church of Bismarck

    Scandinavians have a long and rich history in North Dakota. It is no surprise then, that one of the oldest churches in Bismarck was started by a group of Swedish immigrants. The First Lutheran Church formed in Dakota Territory in 1883, and the territorial government granted the members a charter on October 18th.  The congregation […]

  • Equifax Leak ~ Tick-Borne Illness ~ MN Film and TV Board ~ Nerd Walk

    Monday, September 18 – What does the Equifax information leak mean for North Dakotans? Here to discuss that issue is attorney general Wayne Stenehjem. ~~~ Harvest Public Media reports on a fatal tick-borne illness. ~~~ Troy Parkinson from the Minnesota Film and TV Board is speaking today at Minnesota State University Moorhead on how independent […]

  • Undesirables

    On this date in 1917, many of the state’s young men were in military camps around the state, having been mobilized through the draft or as members of the National Guard. Consequently, an increase in crime was seen as the absence of so many young men made it harder for the citizenry to counter criminal […]

  • The lasting impact of the Vietnam War

    “The Vietnam War defined a generation. It affected those who served, those who protested, and the families of both. We invite everyone to add their voice.” These phrases launched a Prairie Public project that stepped out into the broadcast community and collected stories that will be shared for generations to come. Prairie Memories: The Vietnam […]

  • Fall Movies Preview ~ News Chat with Dave Thompson

    Friday, September 15 – Our fall movie preview show. Matt Olien and fellow film buffs Brittney Goodman and Greg Carlson will give us the low-down on all the hits and misses coming to the big screen. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here for our weekly news chat.

  • Wet vs. Dry

    Premiering Monday, October 23, 2017, at 9:30 pm CT From the days of early settlement in the late 1800s, the struggle between the “Drys” — those who sought to ban alcohol — and the “Wets” — those who were in favor — shaped the relationship between the Red River border communities of Fargo and Moorhead. The […]

  • The Opioid Epidemic: Seeking Solutions in North Dakota

    Premiering Friday, October 20, 2017, at 8 pm CT Prairie Public, partnering with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota Caring Foundation, will premiere The Opioid Epidemic: Seeking Solutions in North Dakota toy take a look at the ongoing opioid crisis and how it’s impacting North Dakota’s residents, doctors, counselors, and law enforcement. Among interesting topics […]

  • Alexander Burr

    Due to the new popular hit musical Hamilton, the story of Aaron Burr shooting Alexander Hamilton has been refreshed in our collective memory. What is far less know, is that with 40 years of judicial service, there was an Alexander Burr … no connection whatever to the shooting … who was the second-longest serving judge […]

  • Filmmaker Samuel Sprynczynatyk ~ Plains Folk Essay ~ Movie Review: Valley of Bones

    Thursday, September 14 – Samuel Sprynczynatyk is a Bismarck-based filmmaker who delights in character-driven stories. His newest work, “Being Roosevelt,” is about President Roosevelt re-enactors. His mini-documentary “Uncle Albert” focuses on a Bismarck man who refused to sell his house to land developers. His house is now in the parking lot of a hospital complex. We […]

  • North Dakota Sure Looked Good

    The Federal Highway Act of 1921 established the Bureau of Public Roads, in charge of mapping plans for a national highway system, but those improvements would take time, and travelling any distance by automobile remained a challenge. There were few paved roads. Even roads listed as “good” were likely unpaved, making mud a constant hazard. […]

  • DACA Discussion ~ Mary Louise Defender Wilson ~ Sioux Code Talkers of WWII

    Wednesday, September 13 – With the legal status of the young immigrants known as dreamers in doubt, immigration attorney Anna Stenson joins us to discuss some of the issues that arise from this difficult situation. ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, Chuck Lura discusses plants in the nightshade family. ~~~ Mary Louise Defender Wilson is a storyteller, historian, scholar […]

  • Harvest Moon

    “Oh, Shine on, shine on harvest moon Up in the sky;” Those were, of course, the opening lines of the chorus of Shine on Harvest Moon, the popular song from the early 1900’s.  I will leave the rest of the song to you, but I suspect few among us known more than a few lines […]

  • Autumnal Equinox

    Oh it’s a long, long time From May to December But the days grow short When you reach September     September Song Many of you no doubt recognized that opening verse from September Song.  Many singers have recorded it, but perhaps you are particularly fond of Willie Nelson’s rendition, or that of Frank Sinatra. And […]

  • Audubon National Wildlife Refuge

    The next time you are traveling highway 83 between Bismarck/Mandan and Minot, rather than whizzing past the sign to Audubon National Wildlife Refuge, head east a mile and check it out.  There is plenty to see here, particularly during the fall and spring migrations. A good place to start would be at the Visitors Center, […]

  • BCBSND Caring Foundation, Prairie Public to release documentary on the opioid epidemic in North Dakota

    FARGO – The Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) Caring Foundation has partnered with Prairie Public Broadcasting to produce an original 30-minute documentary titled “The Opioid Epidemic: Seeking Solutions in North Dakota.” Dakota Medical Foundation and Bell Bank provided additional support. The documentary addresses the impact of opioid misuse and addiction on North […]

  • Lost Treasure At The Mouth Of Heart River, 1863

    The year was 1863 and the Civil War raged, far away in the East. The Sibley and Sully military expeditions had driven Dakota tribespeople westward out of Minnesota in a number of battles following the 1862 Indian uprising. And in Dakota Territory there was a day when the Missouri River, near present-day Bismarck, ran red […]

  • Horticulturist Ron Smith with a Garden Q & A ~ Gutes Essen Documentary Excerpt

    Tuesday, September 12 – Fall is upon us. Here for all your late-season gardening questions is horticulturist Ron Smith.

  • Draftees Mobilization

    Until the end of summer in 1917, the war was still somewhat impersonal for most North Dakotans.  Many young men seeking adventure had joined in the early months of the war, but most communities were not affected and deaths were few.  Those who enlisted over the summer had departed as individuals or in small groups […]

  • Political Science Discussion ~ Hall of Honor ~ The Physics of Skydiving ~ TEDxFargo

    Monday, September 11 – Tim Schorn is the Director of International Studies and professor of political science at the University of South Dakota. He discusses Afghanistan, ISIS and North Korea with Chris Laughery of South Dakota Public Broadcasting’s “In The Moment.” ~~~ The North Dakota Native American Hall of Honor inducted six new honorees last Thursday. Each is featured in […]

  • Lifesaving Whiskey

    North Dakota is home to many types of snakes.  The largest is the bullsnake.  It averages 83 inches long.  The record length is 93 inches.  They would rather escape than attack.  If cornered, a bullsnake will open its mouth, hiss, vibrate its tail, and appear ready to strike.  Fortunately, bullsnakes aren’t venomous, but they’re often […]