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  • History of Memorial Day ~ Project Unpack: Ronald Keith Huff III ~ D-Day ~ When Memorials Outlive Our Cultural Beliefs

    Monday, May 29 –  On this Memorial Day, we start with a history of the day, first known as Decoration Day, from Producer Charles McGuinan. ~~~ Project Unpack is an oral history project aimed at veterans and their families. We share an excerpt from Ronald Keith Huff II about life after war. ~~~ From producer […]

  • Memorial Day 1917

    Today is Memorial Day, a time to honor the heroes who gave their lives to ensure our freedom.  It was originally known as Decoration Day, honoring those who fought in the Civil War, but as the ranks of surviving veterans slowly dwindled, the name was changed in 1899 to Memorial Day, honoring the many who […]

  • Memorial Day Special

    Monday, May 29 – On this Memorial Day, we start with a history of the day, first known as Decoration Day, from Producer Charles McGuinan. ~~~ Project Unpack is an oral history project aimed at veterans and their families. We share an excerpt from Ronald Keith Huff II about life after war. ~~~ From producer […]

  • Talking to Children About Terrorism ~ News Chat with Dave ~ Matt Olien Reviews “The Circle”

    Friday, May 26 – Sean Brotherson, NDSU Extension family science specialist joins us to discuss talking with children about terrorism. Click HERE for more information, including a link to the Extension publication called “Talking to Children About Terrorism.” ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota essay, Chuck Lura shares reflections on snipes. ~~~ News director […]

  • The Great British Baking Show is Back

    Tune in for an all new season on Fridays at 8pm CT beginning June 16!

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  • Bison Latifrons

    On this date in 1998, North Dakota paleontologist John Hoganson received a telephone call from Kent Pelton, a teacher in Watford City. While fishing on Lake Sakakawea near New Town, Pelton had discovered what he thought were two mammoth tusks. Hoganson was excited, because very few remains of mammoths have ever been discovered here. A […]

  • Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Chef Rosey on Mead ~ Rugby Student Video

    Thursday, May 25 – Former NDSU Extension horticulturist Ron Smith joins us to answer some of the many lawn and garden questions that keep rolling in this spring. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl of Rosey’s Bistro is here with this week’s food topic, mead. ~~~ Students in Rugby, ND took on an economic development project producing […]

  • Mr. Abell’s Round Barn

    Gerald, my guide to the ghost town of Burnstad and its vicinity in Logan County, figured he could get us there, but not directly. He knew about the Robert Abell round barn, but the problem was, in this wet hydrological cycle we have seen since the early 1990s, many of the section roads of Gerald’s […]

  • Sully’s Rock

    Henry F. Hughes was a farm boy from Mt. Pleasant, in Cass County, Nebraska Territory. His father was born in Pennsylvania, his mother in Ohio. Henry was the oldest of three children born to the household in Ohio during the 1840s and 1850s. A fourth child was born in Nebraska in about 1856. At age […]

  • Where are the Insects?

    Most everyone has heard something about the population declines in honeybees and monarch butterflies.  But what is happening with the populations of all those other insects? That topic was addressed in a recent article on the website of the National Association for the Advancement of Science.  A group of European citizen insect enthusiasts working with […]

  • Noxious Weeds

    I recently read an article in the Minneapolis StarTribune titled “Beware of garden thugs.” It was about baby’s breath and other garden plants that have escaped the garden to become invasive species.  Although baby’s breath dominates some road ditches and other habitats here in North Dakota, it has not been designated a noxious weed, but […]

  • A Monkey in the Cookies

    On this date in 1963, it was reported that a monkey had come to Fargo – a ring-tailed monkey named Charlie.  Irvin Knutson, a semi driver for Midwest Motor Express, had arrived at the Red Owl warehouse with 2,800 cases of cookies, which he’d picked at the Banner Biscuit Company in Missouri. When Knutson opened […]

  • “An American Sickness” ~ First Lady Kathryn Helgaas Burgum

    Wednesday, May 24 – Rising premiums, outrageous bills at the pharmacy, gridlock in Washington.  If you think the American healthcare system is broken, you’re not alone. Elisabeth Rosenthal is a Harvard-trained medical doctor and an award-winning “New York Times” senior writer. Her book is called “An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How […]

  • Tuesdays at 7pm CT through July 4

    The United States of Anxiety, a live call-in show, dives deep into our polarized economic, social and political landscape.

  • Legends of Fargo’s First House, 1939

    Telling the story of a house is like peeling an onion, with layers of legends and significance.  This concept, of peeling away layers, surfaced in 1939 when, on this date, a newspaper article about “Fargo’s First House,” told about the Pioneer Daughters organization making a historical marker to memorialize this legendary home. The bronze-marker perpetuated […]

  • A Tour of the New Sanford Hospital

    Tuesday, May 23 – Doug tours the new Sanford Hospital in Fargo. He visits with Susan Jarvis, executive director of emergency and trauma services, who will share a look at the latest developments in the healthcare field. ~~~ The Supreme Court has ruled on one aspect of politically drawn congressional districts, finding racially gerrymandered districts […]

  • Reality of War

    By this date in 1917, America had declared war on Germany, and the registration for the draft was only weeks away. For a number of years, North Dakota families had been anxiously following the war news from Europe, and now many loved ones could soon be in harm’s way. Rose Havelock was one who waited […]

  • “Derby Girl: A Memoir” ~ Chlorpyrifos Ban on Hold ~ Colt Romberger on Expedition Orange

    Monday, May 22 – In an excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show, we hear from Sammi Jones, author of “Derby Girl: A Memoir,” as she visits with host John Harris. ~~~ NDSU historian Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay titled “Sully’s Rock.” ~~~ The Trump administration has put on hold a decision to ban […]

  • Foresting the Prairies

    When the first settlers moved into the Dakotas, they had to adjust to a land without trees for houses, fences, and fuel.  They adapted, but the lack of trees made life more difficult.  On this date in 1908, the Golden Valley Chronicle printed an article about the benefit of planting trees.  The information came from […]