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  • Crusade for Cleanliness

    Today we share another Datebook chapter on the life of Professor E.F. Ladd of the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo. He was a major proponent of purity in consumer goods.  The Department of Coatings and Polymeric Materials at North Dakota State University grew out of Ladd’s interest in the purity and effectiveness of paint. […]

  • Chase Iron Eyes, Candidate for US Congress ~ Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library

    Wednesday, October 19 – Meet Chase Iron Eyes, the Democratic nominee for Congress. ~~~ Bruce Pitts is board chair of the Theodore Roosevelt Library Foundation. He’s John Harris’s guest in this excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ Commentary from Bruce Berg: “Burma Shave.”

  • Capital Crimes

    Murders in North Dakota aren’t as numerous as most states, but the early years weren’t pretty, as North Dakota’s first archivist described in a speech before a federal judge on this date in 2000. Frank Vyzralek’s address touched on the changing penalties for murder in North Dakota, starting with the penal code adopted by Dakota […]

  • Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun ~ Global Champagne Day ~ Remembering Pianist Malcolm Frager

    Tuesday, October 18 – Meet Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun, the Democratic nominee for the Public Service Commission. ~~~ Horticulturist and wine columnist Ron Smith shares some thoughts on champagne. Friday is Global Champagne Day. ~~~ Steven Wennblom, Prairie Public’s television programming manager is here to preview Malcolm Frager: American Pianist. This Prairie Public documentary chronicles the award-winning […]

  • Prairie Public to premiere biographical documentary “Malcolm Frager: American Pianist”

    Fargo, ND, October 18, 2016 – Prairie Public will premiere a new, locally produced television documentary chronicling the life, work, and legacy of Malcolm Frager, an award-winning and Grammy-nominated pianist. The documentary will premiere at 9:30 p.m. CT, October 24. Frager’s talent and scholarship was honored with numerous prestigious awards, and his influence and perseverance […]

  • Lutheran Brethren High School

    This is a story about a high school, called Hillcrest Academy. The school began in Wahpeton, moved to Grand Forks, and, eventually, moved again – to Fergus Falls, Minnesota. The story began in 1903 when the Lutheran Brethren Church established a bible school in Wahpeton, renting a classroom at the Wahpeton high school. The school’s […]

  • Craig Hockenberry Appearing at Mayville State ~ Amy Goodman Returns to ND ~ Dr. David Pearce at TEDx Fargo

    Monday, October 17 – Craig Hockenberry joins us to discuss his efforts to transform a school in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Cincinnati into a community learning center, providing services for the entire neighborhood. The film “Oyler” documents his story. Craig and the film are part of an upcoming event at Mayville State University. […]

  • Spectrum Front Page

    North Dakota State University’s student newspaper has been publishing almost as long as North Dakota has been a state. The Spectrum began in the spring of 1896, and because of its articles, we’re able to know about the school’s early women’s basketball team, how the Zip to Zap got started, and track all those Bison […]

  • Writer Kao Kalia Yang ~ Fall’s Supermoon ~ News Chat ~ Review: “The Beatles: Eight Days a Week”

    Friday, October 14 – Minneapolis writer Kao Kalia Yang shares the immigrant experience in her books “The Latehomecomer” and “The Song Poet.” She’s speaking tonight at Moorhead State University. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares a Natural North Dakota essay on the super full moon . ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here for our weekly news […]

  • National Historic Preservation Act 50th Anniversary

    Fifty years ago, the National Historic Preservation Act was created to help preserve the diverse archaeological and architectural treasures of America. On this eve of the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the act, we look at what effect this has had on North Dakota, with over four hundred historic and prehistoric places being listed […]

  • Rear Admiral Gene Price ~ Molly Yeh “On the Range” ~ Chef Rosey on Cheese

    Thursday, October 13 – Rear Admiral Gene Price stops by our studio during his “Executive Engagement” visit to North Dakota. ~~~ Award winning blogger Molly Yeh lives on a farm near Grand Forks, and now she has a new book out: “Molly on the Range, recipes and stories from an unlikely life on a farm.” […]

  • Bobby Vee

    On this date, 18 year-old Bobby Vee’s hit single, Take Good Care of My Baby, had been number-one on U.S. charts for three weeks in a row. It was 1961. Bobby Vee grew up as Bobby Velline in Fargo. He bought his first guitar at age 15 with money saved from his paper route. His […]

  • The Argument for Measure 4, Raising Tobacco Tax ~ Julia Huffman at TEDx ~ Rocky Mtn. Oysters

    Wednesday, October 12 – Dr. Eric Johnson provides the “pro” argument for Measure 4, which would raise the tax on tobacco products. On Friday the 21st, we’ll have a spokesperson for measure 4 opponents. ~~~ Researchers nationwide are starting to take a closer look at how air emissions from oil and gas development affect public health. […]

  • Free Railway Passes as a Corrupting Special Privilege, 1901

    There was a time in North Dakota when some people had free passes to ride on trains, while most people had to buy a ticket.     Those who had passes were proud to have them, but those who didn’t figured these free train rides were evil, having a corrupting influence on North Dakota’s political system. […]

  • The Awesome Foundation ~ Author Monica Hannan

    Tuesday, October 11 – The “Awesome Foundation” has 88 chapters in 20 countries. It’s a global community advancing the interesting of awesome $1,000 at a time. There’s now a chapter in North Dakota. Brandi Malarkey is here to tell us about it. ~~~ Questions over the country’s energy future surfaced in the Presidential debate Sunday […]

  • Dropping Pheasants

    North Dakota’s winter of 1996-97 is largely remembered for Blizzard Hannah and the devastating Red River flood that evacuated Grand Forks. But the destructive season also had effects that stretched into the state’s hunting seasons. On this date in 1997, the resident pheasant season opened with a new limit of two birds per day, down […]

  • Growing Hemp in North Dakota ~ UND President Mark Kennedy

    Monday, October 10 – This is the first year that hemp has been restored as a legal crop in North Dakota. Here to discuss the harvest and the crop’s potential is Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goering. ~~~ The Land Institute has been a magnet for environmental activists. Now, after four decades developing alternative ways of raising […]

  • Author Jeff Kolpack: “Horns Up” ~ Pipeline Protestor Lionel Martin ~ News Chat ~ Review: “Magnificent 7”

    Friday, October 7 – One of our thank you gifts during our fall membership drive is “Horns Up: Inside the Greatest College Football Dynasty.”  Today we’ll replay our visit with the author, Jeff Kolpack. ~~~ Pipeline protestor Lionel Martin offers a different take on last week’s confrontation on Highway 6. He says the Sheriff’s Department account […]

  • Skunk, Just Yummy!

    Skunks have been in the news recently.  There are apparently more road kills in the Red River Valley.  Their increase has been attributed to the young of the year moving around and the skunks going into a feeding binge to fatten up before hibernation.  But we humans may also be propping up the skunk population. […]

  • Supermoon and Orionids

    There is a full moon this weekend.  Sunday is the Full Hunters Moon.  The Harvest Moon of course is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox.  Native Americans called the following full moon of October the Full Hunters Moon because it was time to get some serious hunting done before winter set in.  The […]