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  • Our Monthly Editors’ Roundtable

    Friday, January 30 – It’s time for our monthly editors’ roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and special guests, Mike Jacobs, former editor and publisher of the Grand Forks Herald, and Cecile Krimm, editor and publisher of the Crosby Journal and Tioga Tribune.

  • Art and the Oil Boom ~ Chuck Fleming Memoir ~ Reviews: “American Sniper” and “Foxcatcher” ~ Chef Rosey on Pomelos

    Thursday, January 29 – A new exhibition at the Plains Art Museum in Fargo is called “Bakken Boom! Artists Respond to the North Dakota Oil Rush.” Bill Thomas visited the show’s set-up. ~~~ Hamilton, North Dakota native Chuck Fleming has written a memoir, “Carlisle Township to the Capital City – A Lifetime of Memories. He’s […]

  • 1917 Red River Dog Derby, Part 2

    If you were listening to Datebook on January 26, you heard about the Red River Dog Derby organized for the Outdoor Sports Carnival in Minnesota. Eleven dog teams were running from WInnipeg along the old Pembina trail through North Dakota and into Minnesota, to take their finish at Como Park during the carnival. However, cold […]

  • The Great Backyard Bird Count

        It is that time again.  The Great Backyard Bird Count is coming up next week, Friday February 13 through Monday the 16.  It is a joint project of the Cornell University Lab of Ornithology and the National Audubon Society.  As many of you know, it is an effort in which amateur birders can help […]

  • Big Mound

    Finally we had to call it quits, Angie the History Dog and I, because the snow fell too thick for photography. We were on the Big Mound, and I could not discern Lake Kunkel through my lens. Time to head back to Tappen for a burger and get home while we still could.   By […]

  • Tall Crown’s War

    There was this Dakota Indian, a Wahpekute named Tall Crown, and everyone agreed he was just crazy. By “everyone” I mean all the white guys who observed his actions or wrote about them. I disagree. I think he was perfectly rationale, and in fact, he made history.   Let me begin this story at the […]

  • Council on Environmental Quality

    As his first act of 1970, Richard Nixon created the Council on Environmental Quality. He said the 1970s had to be the time when America reclaimed its air and water purity to improve the environment. He said, “It is now or never.” On this date in 1970 he named the first three members of the […]

  • NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert ~ Young Entrepreneurs ~ Gold Medal for “Samson’s Gift” ~ Brine Spills

    Wednesday, January 28 – Ashley Thornberg visits with Diane Mills and Tom Johnson, two musicians hoping to land a spot in NPR’s “Tiny Desk” concert series, a feature of All Songs Considered with host Bob Boilen, which stages musical performances in his small office. ~~~ From this week’s Million Cups event in Fargo, we hear from […]

  • The Stars of PBS

    February 22nd | 1 pm – 5 pm The Sky Above Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood – 1 pm & 3 pm One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure – 2 pm & 4 pm With Special Guest: Daniel Tiger from Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

  • Wanted: Helpmate

    In 1908, the North Dakota we know and love today was different.  There were no cars, no phones, no computers.  There were lanterns and letters home.  There was hard work.  Sometimes, there was just a claim, a farm, and a man. And so , there was also loneliness on the vast, open prairie, so far […]

  • Short and Sweet!

    Support Prairie Public’s radio network with a contribution of $120 or more during the Short and Sweet Membership Drive, and we’ll thank you by sending a box of premium truffles to your Valentine!

  • Tiny Desk Concert Contest Phase 2

    Now comes the hard part: sifting through the overwhelming quantity and quality to find the musicians who will play the Tiny Desk.

  • “Lentil Underground” ~ Sky Gazer Jay Bjerke ~ Coffee With a Cop ~ Oil Prices and State Budgets

    Tuesday, January 27 – “Lentil Underground” is the story of a colorful group of pioneers who confronted the global food system. Author Liz Carlisle’s book chronicles the grassroots efforts of Montana producers to buck the entrenched power of agribusiness’s one percent. ~~~ Ashley visits with amateur astronomer Jay Bjerke, who likes to set up his […]

  • Drone on the Range

    Cattle rustling is a staple of western movies and TV shows. Movie heroes like John Wayne and Roy Rogers routinely had to cope with rustlers. They often engaged in furious chases on horseback and lots of gunfire. But cattle rustling is not fictional. It has a long and troubled history in North Dakota. Over the […]

  • Jill Kandel author of “So Many Africas” ~ Point In Time Homeless Survey

    Monday, January 26 – Jill Kandel grew up in North Dakota, but she has also lived and worked in Zambia, Indonesia, England and the Netherland. Her new book is getting great reviews. She joins us to talk about “So Many Africas: Six Years in a Zambian Village.” It’s the 2014 winner of the Autumn House […]

  • 1917 Red River Dog Derby, Part 1

    In January of 1917, plans for the annual Outdoor Sports Carnival in Minnesota were underway. There were many sporting events of interest, including a national ski tournament, world’s championship speed-skating races, curling, and fireworks. However, a new event was being organized, one that would make history: one of the longest dog team races ever held […]

  • Aussie Vanessa Warren ~ News Director Dave Thompson ~ Reviews: “Imitation Game” and “Inherent Vice.”

    Friday, January 23 –Vanessa Warren is heading back to her home town of Coolamon, Australia after spending a year in Bowbells as an agronomist. The 26-year-old joins us to reflect on her year on this side of the world. ~~~ Chuck Lura shares another Natural North Dakota essay. Today’s topic is Wintering Chickadees. ~~~ What […]

  • Prairie Voles

    It all started earlier this winter after the first snowfall.  With the snow depth of only an inch or two, our backyard contained a maze of sinuous markings in the snow, obviously made by some small mammal such as a mouse, shrew, or vole moving around under the big white blanket.  On more than one […]

  • Chickadee Roosts

    The wren houses in our yard look pretty lonely this time of year, but they may not be as lonely as they appear.  I was surprised late one afternoon to see a chickadee fly into one of our wren houses.  I stood and watched the house for a bit, and I can only assume the […]

  • Prairie Public … for the best of Roots, Rock and Jazz

    Tune in weekdays with your host Mike Olson and INTO THE MUSIC. Mike welcomes your questions at molson@prairiepublic.org. Grand Forks 90.7fm Fargo on 91.9fm Williston on 89.5fm