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  • Vision West ND ~ More Pipeline Related Coverage ~ Fargo TEDx: Ian Abston

    Wednesday, December 7 – Deb Nelson is the administrator of the Vision West ND Consortium, which represents the 19 oil and gas producing counties in western North Dakota. She joins us to discuss efforts to implement a Regional Sustainability Plan for western North Dakota. ~~~ Sacred sites and treaty rights are part of the Dakota […]

  • Wear your tiara or top hat!

    Coming in January to Masterpiece is Victoria, a beautiful drama with grand sets and castle intrigue. Join us for premiere screenings on January 8 at 2pm at the North Dakota Heritage Center in Bismarck or the Fargo Theatre. More info here.

  • Our gift to you

    Look for television docs about Ba’al Shem Tov and The First Christians, cooking programs, children’s shows, and a multitude of holiday concerts. PLUS 36 hours of holiday programming beginning at 9am on Dec 24 and continuing through Dec 25 at 9:30pm CT.

  • Frank Bernard in Pearl Harbor

    For many young people growing up in North Dakota during the 1920s and the 1930s, there was little opportunity to find decent jobs.  Farms were falling to the mortgage man as drought made it difficult to scrape out even a marginal living from the land.  Those who could afford to, went to college to learn […]

  • “Christmas in the Crosshairs” ~ Pipeline Protest Update

    Tuesday, December 4 – “Christmas in the Crosshairs” is the title of a new book from Gerry Bowler of Winnipeg. The book is subtitled “Two Thousand Years of Denouncing and Defending the World’s Most Celebrated Holiday.” ~~~ There is a battle going on in the organic industry over hydroponics. Harvest Public Media’s Kristofor Husted reports. ~~~ […]

  • Victoria on Masterpiece

    Wear your tiara or top hat! Coming in January to Masterpiece is Victoria, a beautiful drama with grand sets, lush countryside, castle intrigue, and a study of lives that shaped a 63-year reign. Join us for one of these premiere screenings on January 8 North Dakota Heritage Center • 2 pm 612 E Boulevard Ave, […]

  • Movie Excitement in Bismarck

    The Soledad Brothers were three prison inmates nicknamed for their prison, the Soledad State Prison in California. In 1970, they were accused of killing guard John Vincent Mills. The trio, who weren’t really brothers, included George Jackson, Fleeta Drumgo, and John Cluchette. They were accused of killing Mills in retaliation for the killing of three […]

  • James Grijalva on DAPL Issues ~ Growing Need for Addiction Treatment

    Monday, December 3 – James Grijalva is a professor of law at UND and director of the Tribal Environmental Law Project. He joins us to discuss the legal issues surrounding the Dakota Access Pipeline, including the distinction between reservation land and historic treaty lands. ~~~ A Natural North Dakota essay from Chuck Lura, “Ravens.” ~~~ Marvis […]

  • Investigating Toxic Chemicals ~ News Chat with DAPL Protest Story ~ Reviews: “Moonlight” and “Moana”

    Friday, December 2 – The Environmental Protection Agency has identified 10 household and industrial chemicals it will assess for possible regulation to protect public health. Here to discuss the concerns is Dr. Richard Clapp, professor emeritus of environmental health, Boston University School of Public Health and Adjunct Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. ~~~ We […]

  • PBS Kids

    We’re increasing “anytime access” to the most trusted educational content for kids Beginning in January 2017, Prairie Public will offer PBS Kids programming on the 4th multicast channel every day, all day! Why? Most children watch television on weeknights and weekends, so we’re providing more of the literacy, science, and math programming that helps children […]

  • Heaven Above

    Hell is below, and Heaven is above!  Most of us learned that bit of theological geography at an early age, so when we look up to the heavens, our thoughts may turn to something spiritual or perhaps distances measured in light years, and the like.   But before scientific explanations took some of the mystery out […]

  • Ravens

    I have been noticing more ravens recently.  Not too many years ago a sighting of a raven in the Turtle Mountains would have been rare, but they are becoming a much more familiar site here, and that extends to other areas of the state as well. Robert Stewart in his Breeding Birds of North Dakota […]

  • Across North Dakota by Ford Auto in 1923

    A week or so ago I talked about land. Specifically, the land granted to North Dakota by the United States government, under the Morrill Act, for support of North Dakota Agricultural College, now North Dakota State University. As I intimated, this is a complicated story. It is tied up with all the other lands granted […]

  • The Mysteries of Making Lutefisk Revealed, 1912

    There is a powerful Norwegian-American heritage in North Dakota.  In fact, N.D. has been recognized as the most “Norwegian” state in the U.S., having, in 1990,  29.6 percent of its population identifying as “primarily or secondarily Norwegian.” Along with this proud heritage comes lutefisk, the target of much derision.  Lutefisk, as defined by historian Art […]

  • Tuesdays at 8pm

    Join us for the Peabody Award-winning Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen—it’s public radio’s smart and surprising arts and culture guide. Tune your radio to Prairie Public on Tuesdays at 8pm CT, or listen online or with the Prairie Public app.

  • DAPL Met with Tribe in 2014 ~ Native American Writer David Treuer ~ Chef Rosey on Salt

    Thursday, December 1 – A recording has come to light of a September 2014 meeting between representatives of Energy Transfer Partners and the Standing Rock Tribal Council. It appears to contradict statements claiming the tribe had not registered their concerns previous to the current protest over the Dakota Access Pipeline. In this clip we hear […]

  • North Dakota Legislative Review 2015

    Tune in every Friday at 8:00 pm Premiering January 13th All New Season Host Dave Thompson interviewed North Dakota legislators from both sides of the aisle about major policy issues as they were addressed by the 65th Legislative Assembly, progress on key bills as they move through the hearing process, and recaps of important decisions […]

  • The Buttercup

    This date in 1932 would have been just about ideal for enjoying the inaugural harvest of the new Buttercup Squash developed by the North Dakota Agricultural College in Fargo.  The Buttercup was the result of work done by horticulturist Albert F. Yeager, chemist T. H. Hooper, and Constance Leeby and Esther Letzke of the Home […]

  • Sunday at 5pm

    Best of the Best presents the winners of the 16th annual Third Coast / Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Competition. From more than 500 entries, ten were meticulously crafted and lovingly produced. Tune in Sunday, December 4 and 11.

  • Ron Martinelli on Use of Force ~ TEDx Fargo: Cheryl Heller

    Wednesday, November 30 – Dr. Ron Martinelli is a retired California police detective who now heads a forensic use-of-force investigation team and trains officers in use of force. He also has extensive experience working with the Native American community on policing. He’s been following the Dakota Access Pipeline protest and he joins us to discuss […]