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  • Dakota Promoter

    A man of many hats was born on this date in 1814, but Andrew Jackson Faulk is most remembered as Dakota Territory’s third territorial governor. The Pennsylvania native received his education in his home state. As a young man he worked as a printer, editor and journalist for the Armstrong County Democrat, a Pennsylvania newspaper. […]

  • North Dakotans for Diversity and Compassion ~ The Blenders ~ Gratitude Essay ~ Movie Review: Peanuts

    Wednesday, November 25 – North Dakotans for Diversity and Compassion seeks to promote conversations, policies, and solidarity events in light of the many lives and opportunities lost due to bias, bigotry and hate. Joining us are Maura Ferguson and Natasha Thomas. ~~~ It’s been a big year for The Blenders. They celebrated their 25th year […]

  • Winter Finch Forecast

    Those among us that have bird feeders in our yards notice variations in the species of birds visiting the feeders from year to year.  Some species are regular visitors, but others such as redpolls and pine siskins are quite sporadic.  Furthermore, when these species do show up there is often a sort of invasion or […]

  • Membership Drive programs

    See our schedule of special television membership drive programs that air November 27-December 8. Enjoy! Then, show your support for your favorites!  

  • Television Membership Drive

    Special television membership drive programs air November 27-December 8. Enjoy! Then, become a member or renew your membership to show your support for your favorite television programs! FRIDAY, November 27 8:00 Great Performances Andrea Bocelli: Cinema  SATURDAY, November 28 9:00 am Wheat Belly Total Health with William Davis, MD 10:30 Jacques Pepin’s 80th Birthday Celebration […]

  • Thanksgiving in North Dakota

    On this date in 1897, Mayor John Dinnie of Grand Forks issued a proclamation designating a day of thanks.  He said the people of the city and the surrounding area had a great deal to be thankful for, including a very good harvest and a newly-built plant to provide electric lighting. The Grand Forks Herald […]

  • Nostalgia Research ~ Robin Poor Bear ~ Stories of Native American Resilience

    Tuesday, November 24 – As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we talk about nostalgia with NDSU professor Clay Routledge, who says nostalgia provides a boost in positive psychological states such as mood, social connectedness, self-esteem, and meaning.  His new book is titled: Nostalgia: A Psychological Resource. ~~~ Robin Poor Bear, an Oglala Sioux woman, […]

  • Deer Season Closer

    Today is often a date serving as the last day of the deer gun season in North Dakota, as it did in 2013. The state’s deer gun season opens at noon on the Friday designated by gubernatorial proclamation, typically the first Friday in November. The 16-and-a-half-day season usually closes on the Sunday before Thanksgiving. The […]

  • “Built on Agriculture” ~ Muhammad Samin Kahn on Terrorism

    Monday, November 23 – Prairie Public pays tribute to the people who settled the plains of Manitoba in a new TV documentary called “Built on Agriculture.” Bob Dambach, our director of television, is here with a preview. ~~~ An Inside Energy report on the carbon footprint of a typical Thanksgiving experience from Lou Blouin of Allegheny […]

  • Main Street Weekend

    Sunday, November 11 – Highlights from the previous week. Airing each Sunday at 10am.

  • The Waffle Room ~ Farm Taxes ~ News Discussion ~ Movie Review: Suffragette

    Friday, November 20 – Joe Burgum and Simone Wai head up Folkways, a business enterprise aimed at helping other businesses thrive, while building community. Their latest effort is a pop-up café called The Waffle Room. Ashley Thornberg stops by for a visit. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson discusses the latest headlines. ~~~ A movie review from […]

  • Kuchen Bars at Zeeland Hall

    The only problem was, there was a run on the rhubarb kuchen bars. My buddy Clarence announced that of all the bars on offering at the Zeeland Hall on a Sunday afternoon, the rhubarb were the best. People looked at Clarence, and they just knew he was a reliable source on such things, so the […]

  • Snowy Owls 2015

      Snowy owls have been making the news recently.  It is too early to tell whether this is a major eruption of this occasional winter visitor from the north, but they have been catching the attention of observers in Minnesota and North Dakota.  Various news sources have reported them in the Bemidji area and the […]

  • The Winter of 1996-97

    Mention the winter of ’96 – ’97 to anyone who was here, and they likely have a story to tell. The brutal season brought blizzard after blizzard, making it one of the snowiest winters in state history. Fargo received over 117 inches of snow, well above the average of 47. Just days after a two-day […]

  • Isaiah Investments ~ Clean Power Plan ~ Bruce Berg Essay ~ Chef Rosey: Thanksgiving

    Thursday, November 19 – Isaiah Investments is a statewide loan fund that helps Lutheran Social Services alleviate shortages of affordable housing. It’s also an investment opportunity. Here to explain how it works is Jessica Thomasson, CEO, and Howard Barlow, associate investment officer. ~~~ Some reaction from coal country to the Clean Power Plan from Inside […]

  • Billy Sunday

    “I’m against sin. I’ll kick it as long as I’ve got a foot, and I’ll fight it as long as I’ve got a fist. I’ll butt it as long as I’ve got a head. I’ll bite it as long as I’ve got a tooth. And when I’m old and fistless and footless and toothless, I’ll […]

  • National Association of Women in Construction ~ Geography Awareness Week ~ Amy Thielen

    Wednesday, November 18 – Joanna Slominski and Amy Berg are here to tell us about the National Association of Women in Construction, an organization that provides its members with opportunities for professional development, education, networking, and more. ~~~ Volunteers will assist in updating the maps of vulnerable places in the developing world tomorrow. It’s being […]

  • North Dakota Clay

    On this date in 1912, it was Dakota Day at the Northwest Products Show in Minneapolis.  The show was held in conjunction with the Second Minnesota Conservation and Agricultural Development Congress.  The Congress focused on the state of agriculture in Minnesota, but the Northwest Products Show highlighted products from a much broader area, and Dakota […]

  • Resistant Weeds ~ Saving the Monarch ~ Open Enrollment ~ Stories of Native American Resilience

    Tuesday, November 17 – A team of scientists is asking farmers to share their experience with herbicide-resistant weeds. Here to discuss the problem and this new study is Rich Zollinger, NDSU Extension weed specialist. ~~~ Mike Tobias of Harvest Public Media reports on the decline of the monarch butterfly and efforts to save it. ~~~ […]

  • Remembrance of 1890

      There comes, Christmas week this year, an anniversary to be observed with remembrance rather than celebration. On December 29 it will be 125 years from the day of the tragic carnage at Wounded Knee, South Dakota. Once called a battle, it is generally today termed a massacre—a word that I use sparingly, but recognize […]