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  • The Importance of Soil Carbon ~ Bison as Food ~ News Chat ~ Movie Reviews: “Tarzan” and “Genius”

    Friday, July 22 – When we hear about carbon being stored on crop land, we might assume it’s mostly in the plants, but the soil plays a much bigger role; and it’s proving to be the most important variable when it comes to crop productivity. Researcher Christine Sprunger has found that testing for carbon is […]

  • Making up for a lack of water

    A lack of rain and moisture for much of the month of July was a complaint for Jamestown on this date in 1901.  Rain of any significance hadn’t fallen since the Fourth of July. This trend was not to last, ending with a bang on the 24th, when a thunderstorm swept through. A farmer north […]

  • Summer Learning with PBS Learning Media ~ Chef Rosey on Roasting Veggies

    Thursday, July 21 – It gets hard to keep kids engaged during the summer months. PBS is here to help with activities and resources from PBS Learning Media. We’ll hear about how it works from Tammy Swift of Prairie Public’s Education Department. We’ll also learn about events the staff is putting on around the state […]

  • The 1970 Farm Bill

    On this date in 1970, the House Agriculture Committee reached agreement on a Farm Bill.  Representative Thomas Kleppe said the Nixon Administration would support the bill.  He expected it to be voted out of committee on the following day, and was sure the House would promptly take action on it.  He was confident that the […]

  • “Farm Commons” Legal Help ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Wednesday, July 20 – Rachel Armstrong’s experience working on farms led her to conclude that there was a big need for legal advocacy. So, she went to law school and started “Farm Commons” to provided support and resources for sustainability-minded farmers. ~~~ Chickens aren’t a traditional pet. But with more of the livestock being housed […]

  • The Sound of the Guitar

    This documentary by Prairie Public editor/videographer Shane Reetz follows charismatic anthropologist-turned-luthier Bill Brunton through the process of building two guitars. Tune in Monday, August 1, at 9 pm CT.

  • A Carl Ben Eielson Story

    Today we look at the early part of famed aviator Carl Ben Eielson’s story. He was born on this date in 1897 in Hatton, North Dakota. Eilson went to college at UND  in 1914, but left to enlist in the air service, which had only 35 trained pilots. He earned his wings, but just as […]

  • “Bagpipes: A Rock-and-Roll History” ~ An Essay from Jessica Runck ~ Biotech Regulation ~ Community Cafe

    Tuesday, July 19 – UND’s Sheila Liming sees links between the bagpipe and rock-and-roll.  The bagpiping expert penned an essay on the topic for The Atlantic magazine. She joins us to discuss “Bagpipes: A Rock-and-Roll History.” ~~~ An essay from Jessica Runck, “A Pregnant Pause.” ~~~ A story on the challenge for regulators to keep up […]

  • Menoken Village

    Fifty years ago the National Historic Preservation Act was created to help preserve the diverse archaeological and architectural treasures of America.  Important among these are sites that help interpret the prehistory of early civilizations. The inhabitants of what is now North Dakota left their marks upon the land as hunter-gathering societies transitioned to hunter-gardening.  Non […]

  • ND Veterans Entrepreneurship Program ~ Project Unpack Oral Histories

    Monday, July 18 – UND is launching a North Dakota chapter of the Veterans Entrepreneurship Program. It offers experiential training in entrepreneurship and small business management for the nation’s veterans. It’s compared to a military boot camp – intense, rigorous and challenging. Here to tell us more is Tyler Okerlund at UND’s Center for Innovation. […]

  • Bismarck’s Breweries of the 1870s and 1880s

    The town of Bismarck, by the very nature of things, was destined to become a bustling city.  Bismarck’s geography ensured its future, being located at the easiest, and narrowest, crossing of the mighty Missouri River. Bismarck was created by the Northern Pacific Railway, which brought newcomers to town after its tracks reached the crossing in […]

  • Built To Last: The Legacy of the CCC in Minnesota

    Monday, August 15 at 9:30 pm CDT At the height of the great depression, a program took shape to provide work for unemployed young men that would teach them job skills, restore logged over forest, and take the concept of public parks from paper to reality. Although it lasted only 10 years, the boys of the […]

  • Built On Agriculture

    Monday August 14 at 1:00 pm CDT Prairie Public’s newest original production investigates the history and future of farming. “Built on Agriculture” pays tribute to the people who settled the plains of Manitoba, investigates the grain exchanges and pools that contributed to the growth of agriculture in that region, interviews farmers who carry on the […]

  • Winnipeg Folk Festival ~ News Chat with Dave Thompson ~ Matt Reviews “The BFG”

    Friday, July 15 – Bill Thomas reports on his visit to the Winnipeg Folk Festival. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson discusses the week’s headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews Steven Spielberg’s “The BFG.”

  • William Larrabee

    There was a man named William Larrabee, a trooper in the Seventh Cavalry in 1875, who had a terribly sore throat.  Larrabee’s malady indirectly led him to establish Larrabee post office in Foster County, a location later called “Grace City.” Larrabee had been a Union soldier in the Civil War, and by the early 1870s […]

  • “The American Craft Beer Cookbook” ~ UND’s Nikki Berg Burin on Human Trafficking ~ Chef Rosey on Produce Trends

    Thursday, July 14 – Meet John Holl, author of “The American Craft Beer Cookbook.” He’ll discuss the burgeoning field of craft beers, with small breweries becoming commonplace. He’ll be doing a book signing at the “Brews on Broadway” event tonight in Fargo. ~~~ Nikki Berg Burin is an assistant professor of history at UND and […]

  • Bluegills

    If you haven’t fished for bluegill yet this summer, now might be the time to give it a try.  You can catch them on nightcrawlers and a variety of other lures and baits.  And if you want a bigger thrill, try fishing for them with a fly rod. Bluegill, of course, is one of the […]

  • Friday Night Swing

    Tune in Fridays at 8 pm CT as volunteer host Lloyd Anderson plays an hour of big band, jazz and classic rhythm and blues recordings designed to get the weekend started. Check out this playlist!

  • The First Streamlined Train in Bismarck, 1936

    Streamlined design was fashionable in the later 1920s and throughout the ‘30s. This modern style came to North Dakota in a dramatic way in the summer of 1936. Americans seemed to be captivated by speed and efficiency, and the streamline-style movement began in the transportation industry, as designers experimented with making airplanes, dirigibles, and locomotives […]

  • FM Flood Diversion Discussion

    Wednesday, July 13 – A discussion of the FM Flood Diversion project with Darrell Vanyo, diversion authority chair; and Nathan Berseth, Richland County commissioner and spokesperson for the Richland-Wilkin Joint Powers Authority, which is opposed to the diversion.