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  • Larry Woiwode ~ News Discussion ~ Project Unpack ~ Movie Review: Sully

    Friday, September 23 – North Dakota poet laureate Larry Woiwode joins us to discuss his new poetry chapbook, “Land of Sunlit Ice.” ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here with his weekly discussion of topics in the news. ~~~ Project Unpack is an effort to help veterans and their families share their stories. We air an […]

  • Stefan Popiel

    Stefan Popiel was born in 1907 and grew up in Poland.  He was the nephew of an early chess master, Ignatz von Popiel, and he took a liking to chess at an early age; he played in his first tournament at age 12. He went on to became the best chess player in the region […]

  • Cultural Resource Surveys ~ Chef Rosey on Ground Cherries

    Thursday, September 22 – Historian Tom Isern shares some observations about cultural resource surveys, one of the issues in play regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline. ~~~ It’s an unusual election year, and that includes the support for the presidential candidates from the oil and gas industry, as Susan Phillips reports for Inside Energy. ~~~ Part two […]

  • Make the most of your financial and estate planning

    Join Prairie Public for a free charitable, financial, and estate planning session. Find the details here.

  • Make the most of your financial and estate planning

    Join Prairie Public for a free charitable, financial, and estate planning session. Guest presenter Mona Tedford of Bremer Investment Management & Trust will lead you through tax advantages and key issues concerning North Dakota’s tax credit for endowment gifts, charitable IRA tax savings, wills, trusts, and more. Locations to be determined. October 5 • Noon […]

  • tax incentive for ND

    Tax Incentive for North Dakotans – Find out more about expanded legislation that could help you receive a significant reduction in your North Dakota state income tax bill.

  • A Fight to the Death

    It was at 2 o’clock in the morning on this date in 1888 that a crowd of cowboys, gamblers and drifters crammed into a Grand Forks horse barn. They were there to watch prizefighter George Fulljames go up against an undisclosed opponent in a fight to the finish. Fulljames presumably needed the money – there […]

  • Notstock at Minot State ~ Pipeline Advocate Craig Stevens ~ “Watching Our Water” ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Honoring Red Tomahawk

    Wednesday, September 21 – Notstock at Minot state is in its 10th year, a four-day-long event involving arts of all types. Here to tell us more about this “bohemian arts event” that’s “layered with education” are Bill Harbort, art professor, and Laurie Geller, vice president for academic affairs. ~~~ We visit with Craig Stevens, a […]

  • We’re looking for volunteers

    Help us answer phones during our upcoming radio membership drive, and we’ll thank you with excessive gratitude and donuts.

  • Dedication of New Sheridan County Courthouse

    The National Register of Historic Places honors buildings significant for architectural style or their connection with important people or events.  In the town of McClusky, which is right-smack-dab in the middle of North Dakota, there’s the Sheridan County Courthouse. It gained listing on the National Register in 1985, along with several other Art Deco courthouses, […]

  • Ben Franklin, Gamechanger ~ Trainings Address Energy Efficiency ~ God’s Child Project

    Tuesday, September 20 – Meet Benjamin Franklin, as portrayed by GregRobin Smith, who’s one of the featured speakers at this year’s Gamechanger Ideas Festival. Also joining us is Kayla Schmidt of the North Dakota Humanities Council, which is organizing the event. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from Tom Isern: “Progress vs. Halloween.” ~~~ The North […]

  • Perpetual Motion Machine

    For many years, humankind has quested for a machine of perpetual motion, something mechanized that would not stop moving. The first documented attempt comes from the Indian author Bhaskara around 1159. The machine was a wheel with containers of mercury around its rim, which was supposed to always maintain weight on one side as it […]

  • Conservation Efforts in Western ND ~ Pipeline Protest ~ National Welcoming Week ~ Essayist Bruce Berg

    Monday, September 19 – Prairie Public intern John Corley visits with Jan Swenson, the executive director of the Badlands Conservation Alliance. ~~~ Inside Energy’s Amy Sisk meets with protestors from around the country in this report from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest south of Mandan. ~~~ This is National Welcoming Week, a week intended to […]

  • Old Leipzig Born

    The railroad could make or break any town in North Dakota’s early years. New Leipzig can tell you that, born from a railroad bypass and a previous Leipzig. Little remains of Old Leipzig, located about eight miles north of Elgin, North Dakota. The tiny town did OK for itself early on, starting with a post […]

  • White Earth Nation has a starring role

    Tune in Thursday, September 22, at 7 pm CT, for Class of ’27—an important television documentary that explores education that’s aimed at giving kids a shot at a better life.

  • Love those Saturday cooking shows!

    Tune in Saturday, September 24, at 9am CT for Jacques Pepin’s 80th Birthday Celebration, then pledge to support the programs you love.

  • The Thomas Jefferson Hour

    Tune your radio to Prairie Public on Sundays at 11 am CT for The Thomas Jefferson Hour—conversations with the US’ third president as portrayed by Clay Jenkinson. It’s a civil, thought-provoking way of exploring contemporary issues through the lens of history.

  • Fall Movie Preview ~ News Chat with Dave Thompson

    Friday, September 16 – Our fall movie preview show with Matt Olien, Brittney Goodman and Greg Carlson. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson is here with a look at the week’s headlines.

  • Yeggs Break Into Two Banks

    Yegg is an old slang term for a thief, especially a burglar or safecracker. On this date in 1923 that a North Dakota newspaper had this headline: “Safes Blown in 2 North Dakota Banks; Bandits Get $5,000 Loot – Vaults Damaged by Explosives: Currency, Silver and Liberty Bonds Taken by Yeggs.” Between 2 and 4 […]

  • Author Peter Geye ~~~ Review: “The Light Between Oceans” ~ Chef Rosey on Eggs

    Thursday, September 15 – Peter Geye’s new novel “Wintering” is a profound literary thriller that takes us to a fictional town along Minnesota’s North Shore. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from NDSU history professor Tom Isern: “Very Naughty Boys.” ~~~ Bayer buying Monsanto? NPR’s Dan Charles gets some farmer reaction in a story from Wednesday’s […]