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  • The Norwegian American Weekly ~ Chef Rosey on Monterey Jack Cheese ~ News Chat ~ Review: “Black Mass”

    Friday, October 2 –More from the Norske Hostfest as we visit with Emily Skaftun, editor of the Norwegian American Weekly. ~~~ Chef Tim Rosendahl’s topic this week is Monterey Jack cheese. ~~~ News director Dave Thompson stops by with today’s discussion of the recent headlines. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Black Mass.”

  • Prairie Region Teacher Training Institute 2014

    While there are grade levels listed, most of the lesson plans can be adapted for other grade levels so look at plans that may be listed as a grade other than what you teach. Subject(s) Grade Level(s) Title Art Grades 1 – 4 The Art of the Handmade Book Art, History Grades 3 – 5 […]

  • Built To Last: The Legacy of the CCC in Minnesota

    Premieres Monday, October 26 at 9:30 pm CT At the height of the great depression, a program took shape to provide work for unemployed young men that would teach them job skills, restore logged over forest, and take the concept of public parks from paper to reality. Although it lasted only 10 years, the boys […]

  • More than a Grain of Hope

    You can’t travel through North Dakota without seeing a wheat field. With grain production in every county, it is one of the biggest grain producing states in the America, ranking second only to Kansas. Strong grain production is essential for North Dakota. However things do not always go smoothly. After two terrible crop years in […]

  • On Location at the Norske Hostfest

    Thursday, October 1 – We’re on location at Hostfest in Minot. We’re on location at Hostfest in Minot. Doug visits with musicians JT & Ali, the “Birds of Chicago;” Lars Roalkvam and Trond Espen Hansen of the Scandi Kitchen; Curt Pearson, manager of media and community relations with Basin Electric; and Celtic Thunder performers Colm […]

  • “Women and Leadership Around the World” ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith ~ Artists at Work: The Studio Crawl

    Wednesday, September 30 – “Women and Leadership Around the World” is a new book exploring areas of female leadership in four regions around the world: the Middle East, Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. The book is part of a series called Women and Leadership: Research, Theory, and Practice. Joining us is editor and contributor […]

  • Red-winged Blackbirds

      A common sight among wetlands during the summer is red-winged blackbirds perched on cattails or other wetland vegetation waving in the summer breeze.  One of the more obvious signs of fall are the large flocks of red-winged blackbirds.  Perhaps like me, you have bee noticing these large flocks for a couple weeks now. Male […]

  • What’s new in the neighborhood?

    Sundays, tune your radio to Prairie Public at 10 am CT for Main Street Weekend—a NEW show that repackages the BEST of Main Street from the week. Tune in, listen online, or get our new app!

  • Class Is in Session at Minot

    After what seemed like the plagues of Egypt, the Minot normal school’s first term finally started on this date in 1913. The troubles began in 1907, when legislative squabbling almost killed the bill authorizing a third normal school in North Dakota. It took three tries and five years for the legislation to pass and be […]

  • NewsRoom

    The state Health Department is again urging people to get their flu vaccines. Get the story from the Prairie Public NewsRoom.  

  • Bismarck State College Conversation on Vietnam ~ Celtic Thunder Soloist Ryan Kelly

    Tuesday, September 29 – On Saturday, Bismarck State College will host a conversation on Vietnam. Here with a preview are Larry Skogen, president of BSC, and humanities scholar Clay Jenkinson. ~~~ Celtic Thunder is coming to Hostfest. Joining us with a preview is soloist Ryan Kelly.

  • A Bubbling Crude

    On this date in 2013, Steve Jensen discovered America’s worst on-land oil spill. It was in his wheat field near Tioga, North Dakota. Crude oil poured out of the ground, emptying over 20,000 barrels onto seven acres of the Jensens’ 1,800-acre farm.   The spill’s source was a leaking underground pipeline. Tesoro guessed that the […]

  • “Natives of a Dry Place” ~ Cleaner China Coal ~ Artist Buck Paulson

    Monday, September 28 – Richard Edwards is author of Natives of a Dry Place: Stories of Dakota before the Oil Boom.~~~ Last Friday, in a joint press conference with President Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced a commitment put a price on carbon emissions. Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson recently traveled to one of China’s main […]

  • Bitten By A Dirty Rat

    Rats were not native to America, but came from the Old World on ships about 1775. These gray rats, officially known as Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus), arrived in Dakota on the early Missouri River steamboats.  The rats found food and cover near trading posts and Indian villages. As towns sprung up in the 1890s, rats […]

  • September Editors Roundtable ~ Matt Reviews “Walk in the Woods” and “Everest”

    Friday, September 25 –Our monthly Editors’ Roundtable discussion of the news. Joining news director Dave Thompson are Jeff Beach, Forum News Service; and Jim Olson, news director for KXMC in Minot. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “Walk in the Woods” and “Everest.”

  • An Amazing Lunar Eclipse

    You might have already heard the news, but on this Sunday night September 27 and into the early morning of Monday (28th) we are going to experience a full moon, supermoon, and total lunar eclipse.  Now that doesn’t happen every day.  In fact, from what I have read it has been thirty years since the […]

  • The Shooting of Johnny Benson

    Poor Johnny Benson had led a turbulent, dramatic life that was filled with heartache and jail sentences. To many, Johnny was merely a criminal. To others, he was a hopeless romantic who was prone to misfortune. On this date in 1946, however, federal agents waited patiently in Sanish for Johnny, who was still at large […]

  • Kermit Roosevelt ~ Bird Flu ~ Bruce Berg Essay ~ Chef Rosey: Sugar Beets

    Thursday, September 24 – Kermit Roosevelt has written an intriguing legal thriller that explores the practice of stripping individual freedoms in the name of national security. “Allegiance” is a historical novel about WWII internment camps. ~~~ Harvest Public Media follows up on spread of bird flu, which could flare up again now that it’s fall. […]

  • Golden Valley County

    North Dakota’s Golden Valley County wasn’t officially formed until 1912; however, Beach, which would become the county seat, was established and settled some years earlier. In 1881, the Northern Pacific Railroad built a section house in Beach. Nine years later, settlement really began. In 1902, the post office was established.  In 1908, the village was […]

  • Garrison Diversion Update ~ David Reiten, President of Hostfest

    Wednesday, September 23 – Duane DeKrey is the general manager for the Garrison Diversion Conservancy District. He joins us with an update on the Red River Valley water supply project. The district will sponsor a conference on the issue next Thursday, October 1 in Fargo. ~~~ The greater sage grouse is not heading to the […]