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  • America’s Test Kitchen Radio

    America’s Test Kitchen Radio has everything the TV show has: recipe testing, equipment reviews, interviews with chefs and nutritionists. Tune in Sundays at 1 pm CT, and sign up for the America’s Test Kitchen Radio monthly eNewsletter.

  • Mad Dog

    Until 1885, anyone infected with rabies was not expected to survive.  That year, two scientists, Louis Pasteur and Emile Roux, developed the first vaccine for rabies.  They used it on Joseph Meister, a nine-year-old boy bitten by a rabid dog.  Meister lived another 55 years, and was the first person known to survive rabies. Rabies […]

  • Main Street Weekend

    Sunday, May 29 – Highlights from previous shows.

  • Our May Editors’ Roundtable ~ Matt Reviews “The Nice Guys”

    Friday, May 27 – Our monthly Editors’ Roundtable with news director Dave Thompson and this week’s special guests, Cecile Wehrman editor of the Crosby Journal & Tioga Tribune; and Jack Zaleski, editorial page editor of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. As part of the conversation, we’ll hear a report from Inside Energy’s Leigh Patterson on Donald […]

  • Missing in Action

    In March, 1941, Captain Frank O. Anders of Fargo shipped out to the Philippines on the U.S.S. Grant.  In one of history’s interesting coincidences, Anders sailed in the very same vessel that brought his father home from the Philippines after the Spanish American War in 1899. The younger Anders went to the Philippines to train […]

  • Soil and Water Summit ~ Trump Visit ~ Chef Rosey on Brisket

    Thursday, May 26 – Finding environmental synergy in the oil field is the theme for this year’s Soil and Water Summit. Attorney Derrick Braaten will present a program titled “Applying the Law to Reclamation: Protecting out Natural Resources. Also joining us is one of the event organizers, Lance Loken, of Western Plains Consulting. He’ll tell us […]

  • Valley City Rail History

    In 1909, the Northern Pacific Railway built a new “high line” about a mile north of Valley City. This new line made it possible to overcome the steep grades of the valley, allowing trains to keep better time. However, the high line was also about a mile north of the city, bypassing the convenient, downtown […]

  • Claudia Berg, State Historical Society ~ Bill Lowman, Cowboy Poet

    Wednesday, May 25 – Claudia Berg, the executive director of the State Historical Society of North Dakota, is John Harris’s guest in this excerpt from the Prairie Pulse television show. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from NDSU history professor Tom Isern. ~~~ Inside Energy’s Leigh Paterson reports from a recent public hearing in Casper, Wyoming on […]

  • Reckless

    The town of Lemmon, South Dakota, which sits astride Highway 12 and spills into North Dakota, is known for several things. Over the past year its association with the saga of Hugh Glass, including its current iteration as the film, The Revenant, has attracted some press. Lemmon’s resident metal-art genius, John Lopez, produced a dynamic […]

  • Stew Bass, Avenger Pilot

    Stewart Bass was born on this date in 1921 in Stevensville,  Montana.  He joined the Navy in 1941 and ended up flying the Grumman Avenger. Although the Avenger was designated a torpedo bomber, most of the time it carried conventional bombs. While training in Florida, Stew was seriously injured in a plane crash that put […]

  • “Tempt Me, The Fine Art of Minnesota Cooking” ~ Large Drones in Agriculture

    Tuesday, May 24 – “Tempt Me, The Fine Art of Minnesota Cooking” is a collection of fabulous art and stories from Minnesota cookbooks, packaging and promotional mailings. Published by the Minnesota Historical Society Press, it’s a collection prepared by the mother and daughter team of Kathryn and Linda Koutsky. ~~~ Monarch butterflies are disappearing, but […]

  • Scam Awareness ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Monday, May 23 – AARP state offices in North Dakota and Minnesota, along with Better Business Bureau, are looking for a big crowd when they hold a “Scam Jam” June 7th in Fargo. They’ll be covering a variety of topics, including top scams, investment fraud, online safety and family financial exploitation. We’ll hear about some of […]

  • Sherbrooke’s Decline

    Sherbrooke, North Dakota is a shadow of its former self. Once the county seat for Steele County, it’s now a ghost town surrounded by farmland. Once a thriving farming community, the old townsite is now home to several abandoned structures, slowly being reclaimed by nature. Settlers came to Sherbrooke in 1881 after the village and […]

  • Bison National Mammal

    I suspect most everyone has heard the news that the American bison is now officially our National Mammal.  It is a good choice.  It is the largest mammal in North America capable of weighing a ton, and of course have been occasionally referred to as the Monarch of the Plains. The bison is a North […]

  • Wolverine

    Did you hear the news that a wolverine was recently shot near Alexander in McKenzie County?  The wolverine has been verified and is the first documentation of the species in North Dakota since the late 1800’s. For those of you not familiar with the species, wolverines are the largest terrestrial member of the weasel family. […]

  • A Collaborative Approach to Divorce ~ News Chat ~ Movie Review: “Money Monster”

    Friday, May 20 – There’s a new approach to divorce without getting the courts involved. It’s called Collaborative Divorce. Here to explain how it can reduce costs and destructive conflict is family law attorney DeAnn Pladson. ~~~ Commentary from Beth Diane Bradley, “Evening Out the Odds of Communicating with Kids.” ~~~ New director Dave Thompson is […]

  • APHC

    We’re gathering to celebrate all the great Saturday nights we’ve enjoyed with Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion. Join us for live video parties in Bismarck, Fargo, Grand Forks, and Pekin on Saturday, June 25, 4:30-7 pm. This will be one of Keillor’s last shows, and how better to celebrate than with traditional Wobegon […]

  • A Prairie Home Companion Parties

    Join us at one of these ‘PRETTY GOOD” parties We’re gathering to celebrate all the great Saturday nights we’ve enjoyed with Garrison Keillor and A Prairie Home Companion. Join us for live video feed from the beautiful Tanglewood music venue on Saturday, June 25, 4:30-7 pm. This will be one of Keillor’s last shows, and […]

  • The Empire Builder

    The Great Northern Railroad was the dream of James J. Hill, a man known as the “Empire Builder.”  Hill considered the Great Northern his greatest achievement.  When he retired he said, “Most men who have really lived have had, in some shape, their great adventure.  This railroad is mine.” Hill did not plan on becoming […]

  • Screenwriter David Ebeltoft on “Here Alone” ~ Chef Rosey on Basalmic Vinegar

    Thursday, May 19 – Meet North Dakota native David Ebeltoft, a screenwriter whose feature debut, the dramatic horror/thriller film Here Alone, was recently selected for inclusion in the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival. ~~~ Tom Isern has this week’s Plains Folk essay, “Reckless.” ~~~ It’s been three years since the U.S. Department of Agriculture set new […]