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  • Mother’s Pension Assistance

    The problem of caring for the downtrodden poor has plagued civic government in North Dakota since territorial days. The essential question was how to care for widows, orphans and elderly persons in poverty who had no family members to properly provide for them. In the time of the Progressive Era, 1900-1917, state governments developed a […]

  • News Chat ~ “Jefferson and Science” ~ Orphan Trains Feature ~ Review: “Love and Mercy” ~ Chef Rosey on Beans

    Thursday, July 2 – News director Dave Thompson stops by for his weekly discussion of the latest headlines. ~~~ A Fourth of July essay from William S. Hammack called “Jefferson & Science,” bringing an engineer’s perspective to the Declaration of Independence. Bill Hammack is also known as the engineer guy. He’s a professor of engineering […]

  • Stone Sentinel

    Herman Fjelde came to North Dakota from Norway.  He practiced medicine for more than 21 years.  But he is better known for his cultural efforts than his medical career.  Fjelde did not want Norwegian immigrants to forget where they came from.  He was the driving force behind many of the sculptures in Fargo, including the […]

  • Coming August 31

    Some of the world’s most charismatic marine creatures convene in a once-a-year confluence of fins, fur and fangs as experts come together in a live TV broadcast—Big Blue Live.

  • Author Stephen Tiedman ~ Coralroot Orchids ~ Singer Bob Peterman ~ Tom Isern: “Good Dog”

    Wednesday, July 1 – On this week’s Prairie Pulse television show, John Harris visits with Stephen Tiedman, a South Fargo English teacher who writes crime and fantasy e-books. ~~~ In another of our Inside Energy reports, Stephanie Joyce looks at Denmark’s remarkable progress in adopting renewable energy. ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota essay, […]

  • Garrison Dam Heartbreak

    /media/dakotadatebook/2015/jul/01.mp3 A heartbreaking deadline arrived on this date in 1953. Residents in towns along the Garrison Reservoir were required to evacuate by July 1 as the reservoir’s rising waters swallowed up surrounding land. The effects of the rising reservoir were devastating. Over 150,000 acres of river bottomland were lost, and towns such as Independence, Charging […]

  • International Student Exchange ~ The Role of Flags as Symbols ~ Film Producer Jesse Moss ~ Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Tuesday, June 30 – The International Student Exchange brings in high school students from over 40 different countries and places them with local families. The organization is currently looking for host families, and here to tell us about it is Teresa Knapp, who has been hosting students since 1990 and now has numerous “sons and daughters” […]

  • Works Progress Administration

    When Franklin D. Roosevelt assumed office in 1933, more than 13 million Americans were out of work. But North Dakota was arguably the hardest hit of the 48 states. From 1929 to 1938 North Dakota received less than 20 inches of rain per year, well below average.   The depression was severe, but it would […]

  • House That $5 Built ~ Inside Energy Danish Grid ~ Essayist Jessica Runck

    Monday, June 29 – James Van Raden is launching “The House That 5 Dollars Built.” It’s an effort to provide affordable housing for a family that could use a break. ~~~ Incorporating renewable energy on the power grid presents challenges that the nation is still trying to figure out. Meanwhile, Denmark is looking to be 100 […]

  • Dewey Dorman

    On this date in 1911, Minot was planning for a spectacular Fourth of July, with fireworks, free vaudeville acts, a baseball game, a grand mask carnival on Main Street, a “sham battle” between Company D of Minot and Company E of Williston, and more.   One of the most talked-about attractions was an exhibition by […]

  • Our Monthly Editors’ Roundtable ~ An Essay from Jessica Runck

    Friday, June 26 – Our Monthly Editors Roundtable discussion of the recent headlines with news director Dave Thompson. This month’s special guests are Jack Zaleski and Matt Von Pinnon of the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. As part of the conversation, acknowledging today’s Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage, we hear a piece from the Takeaway on […]

  • Sponge Iron

    Sometimes the best ideas never come to fruition, and sometimes really dumb ideas gain wide popularity.  This story tells only of a great idea. In 1943, when World War II was raging and the U.S. used massive quantities of steel to help win the war, a wonderful and logical idea percolated in North Dakota and […]

  • Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society ~ Movie Review: Inside Out ~ Chef Rosey: Lime Caviar

    Thursday, June 25 – The Northern Plains Sustainable Agriculture Society is sponsoring some upcoming events that pose the question, “Are we unknowingly poisoning our families with GMO foods and Roundup?” Here to discuss the issue are the presenters, Dr. Don Huber, retired Purdue University plant pathologist; Howard Vlieger, a third generation farmer from Iowa who […]

  • Turning to Talkies

    When Al Jolson’s voice soared through theaters in “The Jazz Singer” in 1927, and movies began their transition from silence to “talkies,” the theater-going experience changed forever.   The technological advancements behind a talking picture would have seemed quite avant garde at the time. The continued advancements in film and other industries resulted created quite […]

  • North Dakota’s Senior Medicare Patrol ~ Tom Isern ~ Prevent Child Abuse ND ~ Q & A with Horticulturist Ron Smith

    Wednesday, June 24 – On this week’s Prairie Pulse TV show, John Harris visits with Brenda Munson. We’ll find out what she does as North Dakota’s Senior Medicare Patrol Coordinator. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from Tom Isern: “The Gauntlet.” ~~~ It’s a film, a book and a conversation. It’s “How We Survive.” Here to tell us […]

  • Good Dogs

    Angie the History Dog has discovered her alter ego: Water Dog. The drought has broken, the bar ditches are running brisk and cold, and our puppy cannot get enough of that ditch water. Labrador retrievers, I have observed before, are sensuous animals. Cool water, tummy rubs, stinky carcasses, sloppy mud, singing frogs, sweet grass—for them […]

  • The Gauntlet

    Tonight I travel to Ellendale for a meeting about how to restore, preserve, and make use of a grand historic building, the Ellendale Opera House. I’d like to share with you some remarks prepared for the meeting, because they apply throughout the northern plains. The first thing to remember as we contemplate the challenge and […]

  • Dame’s Rocket

    Many of you have probably noticed a conspicuous purple wildflower in bloom standing two to three feet tall in a variety of habitats across the state, but particularly around abandoned or perhaps active farmsteads.  Most widely known as Dame’s rocket or perhaps sweet rocket or mother-of-the-evening, this member of the mustard family is known to […]

  • Turtle River State Park

    Located around 20 miles west of Grand Forks just off highway 2 near Arvilla is Turtle River State Park.  Established in the 1930’s during the Roosevelt administration and largely constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the park consists of around 800 acres of land along the Turtle River. The Turtle River, probably named after snapping […]

  • Food Blogger Molly Yeh ~ Cowboy Poetry

    Tuesday, June 23 – Molly Yeh moved from Brooklyn to a farm outside of Grand Forks, where her husband is a fifth-generation farmer. She blogs about farm life, food, and tales of her travels. The blog has gone over big, even winning Yahoo’s “Food Blogger of the Year” award. ~~~ Merrill Piepkorn stops by to report […]