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Flowers of the Church: Minnesota’s Stained Glass Heritage

Don’t fret if you missed the television premiere of this new Prairie Public Original. You can watch it online.

Victoria Slum House

Tune in Tuesdays at 7 pm CT in May to travel back in time to the British slums of the 1800s, where this group of modern-day families will recreate life in London’s East End.

YouTube signinTune in to classic Prairie Public Originals on demand on our YouTube channel.  Coming in March: a classroom resources for science teachers, a cooking program celebrating the recipes of Germans From Russia, and a benefit concert by the Minneapolis Gospel Choir and Concordia College following the 1997 Red River Flood.

Prairie Pulse This Month: Retired NDSU professor of history Tom Isern (4/7); fitness-nutrtition coach and writer Ashley Sornsin (4/14); Scott Ecker, Access of the Red River Valley (4/21); Matthew Mehl, owner of Mehl’s Gluten Free Bakery (4/28). Tune in Fridays at 7:30, and watch past shows online.

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