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Internship Opportunities at Prairie Public

Community Affairs Internship, Radio (Fargo, ND)

This is a one-semester, unpaid internship to produce a broadcast and web program on a particular topic. The student will work with the Director of Radio to choose a subject, and determine the production activities necessary. The conclusion of the internship will be the production of programming for radio broadcast and digital presentation. The end result might be, for example, a half hour program, or a series of shorter pieces for a podcast. The student may suggest a topic, or accept one provided by Prairie Public. The subject could be a social or political issue, music or other arts activity, or almost anything else. The main criterion is that the resulting programming be interesting to public radio listeners. 

Production activities could include field recording, field interviews, in-studio interviews, and will certainly include writing and audio editing. The intern will have the chance to become familiar with the production process, including equipment and appropriate software. The production may be broadcast and presented on Prairie Public’s website. 

The hours are flexible, depending on the number of credits taken. The intern will work under the supervision of the Director of Radio. Students should have an interest in radio and journalism, and some experience with audio equipment and writing will be helpful. Please apply with a cover letter and resume. 

Contact us at 701-241-6900, or email

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Download the Prairie Public employment application.

Download the Prairie Public employment application for gaming applicants.

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Questions? Contact Jeni Williams, Human Resources Manager, at or 701-241-6900 ext. 522.