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The 2022 PBS Kids Writers Contest winners have been announced!
Congratulations to all who entered β€” we're proud of you!

πŸ“š Read the 2022 First Place and Red Ribbon Favorite stories below πŸ“š

And listen to the First Place winners read their stories on our daily radio show, Main Street!

First Place: Kindergarten
"The Three Kittens Get Lost"
by Archer G.

First Place: Grade 1
"The Dark Night"
by Elijah M.

First Place: Grade 2
"Happy's Detective Adventure"
by Shree T.

First Place: Grade 3
"Color in Darkness"
by Conrad R.

Red Ribbon Favorites: Kindergarten

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 1

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 2

Red Ribbon Favorites: Grade 3

Each year, children in Prairie Public's broadcast area from kindergarten through 3rd grade are invited to write and illustrate their own stories to submit.


Every entrant is a winner and will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

Top stories win prizes, and are featured on the radio and online.

Attention teachers!

Prairie Public appreciates teachers for all their hard work and wants to send extra thanks for encouraging their students to participate in the Writers Contest.Each teacher who submitted stories from their class was be entered to win a $100 Target Gift Card. 
Congratulations to this year's winner, Faith Koppang!

Questions about Prairie Public's PBS Kids Writers Contest?

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