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Community Education

Find community events, resources, and educational opportunities.

Community Events

Find our upcoming community events on our Community Page.

Prairie Public Productions

Stream educational and cultural Prairie Public productions for free at or our YouTube page.

Education Beat

Find stories, interviews, and updates about education in North Dakota from the radio team at Prairie Public.

State Historical Society of North Dakota

North Dakota Studies

Prairie Public has a longstanding partnership with the State Historical Society of North Dakota for sharing historical and educational resources for ND teachers.

The Cutting Ed What North Dakota Schools Can Be

ND Education Advisory Council

NCCEMS provides guidance to the Education Services Department of Prairie Public, as mandated by the ND State Legislature. Click on the image above to go to a list of linked docs, or see the Oct 2020 council meeting docs in this PDF.

North Dakota Department of Public Instruction

State Education Alignment

Prairie Public looks to partner on innovative education initiatives with the help of ND education information, news, and resources.