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As a Prairie Public supporter, you help create the radio and television that keeps us informed…feeds our curiosity…and broadens our horizons. Your contribution keeps Prairie Public strong — now and into the future. Be a part of Prairie Public today!

Membership begins with a contribution of $35 or more.

You can become a member with either a one-time contribution or choose to make simple, ongoing monthly gifts as part of our Sustaining Membership program with bank transfer or automatic credit or debit card charges. Find out how »

You may also become a member by contacting our membership department at 800-359-6900, or mailing your contribution to the addresses below:

U.S. residents: Prairie Public Broadcasting, 207 N 5th St, PO Box 3240, Fargo, ND 58108.

Canadian residents: Prairie Public Television (Manitoba), Inc., PO Box 2640 STN Main, Winnipeg, MB R3C 9Z9.

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