Elbowoods basketball team of 1942

Basketball, Water and the Lost City of Elbowoods

Premieres Monday, May 20, at 8pm

About the Show
The 1942 Elbowoods High School basketball team made it to the North Dakota State Class B championship game, but they lost in a bizarre twist that resulted in a 60-year effort to right a wrong. Basketball, Water and the Lost City of Elbowoods relives the excitement of that basketball team and the title game controversy, and it examines the fate of the team’s hometown—which was sacrificed after the Garrison Dam was constructed in 1953 and is now covered by Lake Sakakawea.
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Prairie Public is hosting a public viewing of the documentary at the 4 Bears Casino & Lodge in New Town on Monday, May 20—Prayer and Drum Group at 6pm; documentary premiere at 7 pm. The event is free and open to the public.